Good ol' Zippy or Логан Кузнец (;-ω-) =3   Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, United States
I'm pretty fucking depressing to be honest... I know it's edgy to say but honestly just saying it out loud makes me feel better.

Honestly I don't know what to feel anymore other than the constant guilt hovering over me. The song emphasizes the feeling of a broken man, who is only a mere shell of his once happy joyful self. The people I once knew burned into shimmers and ashes, leaving me hollow from the inside out. I'm mostly depressed and just tired of all the shit people throw at me. I don't care anymore, so if you're to lash at me, I won't care. I'm done chasing... you want to talk to me, you make the effort because I'm done. I wanted to be treated like I mean something to you.

For now I seek redemption for myself, to fight for my life in many ways. It's my life and I will do what I want with it. Despite of my downfalls and my sins, I seek to repeal and move on, for I once again seek redemption for my sins.

Known your sense of worth. Even if you don't feel like as if you're not worth anything, you are to someone. Do not take that for granted.

Without the Dark, there can be no Light,
We have purpose.
Without the Lie, there can be no Truth,
We have purpose.
Without the War, there can be no Victory,
We have purpose.
Without the Death, there can be no sacrifice,
We have purpose.
Without the Hope. there can be no Future,
We have purpose.


"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." -Sun Tzu

“Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan. [News conference, April 21 1961]” - John F. Kennedy

"I'd rather die with some meaning than invain, you shouldn't take life as currency." - Bermilloop.

Frankly if this seems upsetting, I honestly don't mind talking. Not just about me but about you, I actually care for people surprisingly, even if my mood doesn't really make it appealing. For those who snuff me out like a fire, I still will be open since why bother holding back where you got nothing else to lose other than your pride. I'm very forgiving, for Jesus did the same. Am I ever going to be perfect, no, I have yet to learn, but I refuse to be put on a leash. Ain't no one is going to hold me down.
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Read if you'd like to, I don't give a shit. =/
Take notice....

Also if I unadd you, it's not that I don't like you, we just don't talk. Sorry, I like keeping my friends list small. :(

ALSO, I will not accept random friend requets unless you comment about try-outs or I know you from a game. I'm really tired of private profiles, level 0's whatever.

I could careless of the past, it's honestly up to whomever is reading this to see if it's worth staying friends. All the shit I went through doesn't even phase me anymore.


Highlander : 26 Sub medic/soldier/pyro/scout/fuckhighlanderplz.
6s : LFT Pocket/roamer
4s : don't care really, it's a shit gamemode

prolander : ??? (i want to join a team :>)

Quick info about me.

1.) I'm chill, I tend to be very open.
2.) I stream, check out my twitch!
3.) I'm a furry, go suck my knob if you hate. :)
it's a husky, my profile pic says it all. i dont wanna get too deep in detail cuz you probably dont care cx.
4.) I am an admin on -[FF]- Slender One, Two, and a small community server. I am usually on and here's the IP's
Slender Fortress #1 -[ ]
Slender Fortress #2 -[ ]
Community server - connect (My favorite tbh :D)
5.) I'm a music junky. Pretty much. :P
6.) I'm kind of sensetive for the most part. I won't do anything that's wrong for the people.
7.) Multiple people play on this account, it's probably me but yeeee.
8.) I can be overly hyper, if I just bug you let me know. I don't sit well with silence.

Mah peeps.. (idk be whatever you want)

Gandolf Rodriguez He's my favorite :)
qwerty good medic- i mean demo boy
Elm he's black, don't tell him i said that.
er he's brown and yellow, and a good artist.
Colty hes a mexican. make a wall. :)

Just peeps I hang out with a lot, my second family in a nutshell. :)


Lazycook : *something non-english*
qwerty : can you repeat that?
Lazycook : I have bad english
bermilloop : I think it's your mic, not your broken english
Lazycook : no no mic good, english bad.
bermilloop : okay im going to teach you english, say cheeseburger
Lazycook : Cheeseburger! :D
everyone : YAAAY
bermilloop : omg you're learning! say wall
Lazycook : *in a very stereotypical mexican accent* noooooo senior.

Elm : I drank kool-aid from a flower vase once.

bermilloop : okay two things. Good luck.
5phunky : how's that two things?
bermilloop : ... good is one, luck is the second one.

goatyyy : I like your ugc profile picture, tiger is daddy.
bermilloop : what about the panther, he's true daddy
goatyyy : but he farted on that wolf's face :(
bermilloop : I mean, bros be bros...

Elm : *sees and engineer get killed by the train on frontier* That poor engineer got killed by the fucking train..
Elm *charges accidentally into the train*
The whole mumble : * laughing hysterically*

bermilloop: DEEliver us from this evil.
ⓍSlender Man’s PyroⓍ: N
ⓍSlender Man’s PyroⓍ: no
ⓍSlender Man’s PyroⓍ: you alone have the power
ⓍSlender Man’s PyroⓍ: just hit them with that perma berma ban!
bermilloop: im saving that quote

✧crybabybirb✧: Im LOw key not GAINing anything from this
✧crybabybirb✧: :D
bermilloop: die

Anarchy Angel: I just wanted to put an arrow in your butt
bermilloop: You're just ASSking for it
Anarchy Angel: HA

[Admin] bermilloop : if i hear a siren engi i will shit in your soul and call putin to deport you.
MissMajorMudkip : Putin me away?
MissMajorMudkip : (´• ͜つ •`)]
[Admin] bermilloop : EXACTLY
✧crybabybirb✧ : rootin tootin putin?
[Admin] bermilloop : THANK YOu

bermi [author] Just now
qwer (qwerty) 36 minutes ago
hey its us DA CATHEDRAL BOUYS back atcha with that THICC sleeping AcTION

Chill シ: nice meme
Chill シ: Did you accept the offer
bermi: ye man
Chill シ: thanks :3
Chill シ: imaa try these out
bermi: guess you can say im very CHILL
Chill シ: why does everyone use that pun on me
bermi: cuz why ot
Chill シ: :3
bermi: not*
Chill シ: touchè

*DEAD* Mr. Sandman : worth it
*DEAD* NamedomRan : ded
*DEAD* bermilloop : someone is a little upset that ive been dominating them...
(Voice) Vogel3956: Spy!
bermilloop : <:0
NamedomRan : kick him
(Voice) Be.hemoth: Spy!
NamedomRan : he has minecraft porn
NamedomRan : as a profile pic
Eskeitit has joined the game
*DEAD* sad idiot : lmao rage pyro ayy
(Voice) Be.hemoth: Spy!
(Voice) The Amigo Bear <3: MEDIC!
(Voice) Be.hemoth: MEDIC!
WE MUST TAKE BACK JERUSALEM : I enjoy minecraft porn for your information
(Voice) Be.hemoth: MEDIC!

(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : Shrek ejaculates pesto sause
(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : paraNOICEa 'u'
[hop] Freak Fortress #1 - vsh_oh_multimaps_b1 (32/32) [type !servers to join]
(TEAM) [Admin] bermi : stop
(TEAM) [Admin] bermi : it
(TEAM) D-MAN : Shrek is love, shrek is life
(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : bermi...
(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : loop.
(TEAM) xxfcwolfxx : !taunt
(TEAM) [Admin] bermi : im going to shoot you
(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : I thought we were FUR REAL friends.
FemPyro❤ : its shrek and shrek's wife
[SM] Slapped ✧crybabybirb✧.
(TEAM) [Admin] bermi : bad

qwerty : my hand smells weird.
bermilloop : what... the fuck
qwerty : it's like one of those good farts.
qwerty : I need to stop smelling it

(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : Oh wow a furrys gonna give me a AWOOpin.
[SM] bermi: Kicked bermi (Reason: done with this shit)
bermi connected from (US)
"Alright who did what?!"
(TEAM) [Admin] bermi : you're not notice
(TEAM) [Admin] bermi : FUCK OFF
(TEAM) [VIP] cc//Milkyshakes™ : that gave me aids
(TEAM) [VIP] cc//Milkyshakes™ : but
(TEAM) [VIP] cc//Milkyshakes™ : shes on FIRE

❤ Star ❤: hey bermi
❤ Star ❤: >3>
bermilloop: WOT
❤ Star ❤ has changed their name to B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A.
B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A: ^3^
bermilloop: you need
bermilloop: to DIE

(TEAM) -[FF]-『Nucky』ϵ( 'Θ' )϶ : ...
(TEAM) ❤ Star ❤ : ...
(TEAM) [Admin] bermilloop : ...
(TEAM) ☹ Indecisive ☹ : ...
*DEAD*(TEAM) John Wick. : ...
(TEAM) Abuse the Eagle : ...
(TEAM) ✧crybabybirb✧ : ...
(TEAM) -[FF]-『Nucky』ϵ( 'Θ' )϶ : WOW

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