[ZfG] BlueBerry607
Niedersachsen, Germany
Zockerfreunde Germany Community [zfg-com.de]

I'm mostly an asshole.

Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke

BattleNet - BlueBerry607#2563

Osu! [osu.ppy.sh]
~~ Playing Osu! for 6 Years.
~~ (Not really Active)
~~ My Osu! Profile [osu.ppy.sh]

Team Fortress 2
~~ above 7000 Hours (and still a noob)
~~ played in Highlander (High/Plat) as pyro
~~ played in 6s (Mid/Plat) as pyro
~~ played in 4s (Gold) as pyro
~~ ETF2L Profile [etf2l.org]
~~ UGC Profile [www.ugcleague.com]

My Rig :

Case : MS-TECH X3 Crow
Mouse: Logitech G700s
Mousepad: Logitech G440
Keyboard: Roccat Isku FX
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
CPU Heatsink: Alpenföhn Brocken 2
GPU: MSI AMD Radeon R9 390 8G
Ram: 16 GB Corsair DDR4-2400
Secound Harddrive: 2 TB HDD Seagate
First Harddrive: 256 GB ssd samsung
Power supply : 750W be quiet!


Nuts: sogar ein verunsicherter blue reicht dicke für div6 :)

Sound: ja, ich bin ein spyro
Sound: ich sappe sentries mit meinem hammer

Murpheey: nur weil ich als pyrotechnischer nicht die Flammen range hax hab.. :c

nipolopilis: how can m1
nipolopilis: what is your secret

I Am Not Eatable: we wanted to be prem but we would be too op for prem
I Am Not Eatable: so admins put us in high so we wouldn't ruin the excitement in prem
I Am Not Eatable: true story

fIRE: sniper mge
fIRE: lol
fIRE: das ist so wie spy mge und dann sagen man ist besser als spy

CY/<AZ :>: bluberry mit 300 dpm
CY/<AZ :>: NotLikeThis

ZakMcRofl LFT: muss kurz weg
ZakMcRofl LFT: also lang weg
ZakMcRofl LFT: schlafen meine ich

AV | Jedi(fla)master: ;C
AV | Jedi(fla)master: but YOu don't have to lsiten to me
AV | Jedi(fla)master: and my selfish needs

SCHADES: neither do autists
[ZfG] BlueBerry607: :D
[ZfG] BlueBerry607: idk if i'm a autist
[ZfG] BlueBerry607: never checked it
SCHADES: or just german
[ZfG] BlueBerry607: maybe
SCHADES: whatever the case
SCHADES: you are a fucking retard
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Games where i want a sequel.

- A new Serious Sam Game

- A new Plants vs. Zombies (not this modern warfare stuff)

- A new Command and Conquer Game

- Sequel to Magicka 2

- Sequel to Portal 2

- 3 (do i need to say anything else?)

- The Wonderful End of the World was fun why not a sequel ? :C

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7,346 hrs on record
last played on May 21
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last played on May 21
24 hrs on record
last played on May 17
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Have a great week
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Kusik Feb 21 @ 12:13pm 
+REP good trader
Ultimaximus Jan 8 @ 10:00am 
+rep They purchased 15 TF2 keys from me via PayPal and went first. Smooth transaction~
✧ GordonRamsayIsAngry ✧ Dec 25, 2016 @ 10:30am 
+rep Awesome, brilliant and EXTREMELY good player :D
RΞMIXΞD Dec 23, 2016 @ 7:42pm 
Hey Du :) Ich Wünsche dir und deiner Familie sehr schöne & Besinnliche Weihnachten. Habe eine schöne Zeit & lass es dir gut gehen, hoffe dir geht es gut, und ich wünsche dir vorallem Gesundheit ist das wichtigste, und Geld Glück Liebe % Erfolg. Auch vorab schonmal einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr 2017, pass auf dich auf & lass dich reichlich beschenken hoffe das wir uns im Neuem Jahr mal schreiben.

Alles Liebe & Gute Wünscht Dir ReMiXeD. aka Alex