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PLEASE DONT SEND RANDOM INVITES, if you send a random invite i will ether ignore it or block it.

i make alot of gmod and sfm videos on youtube on my channel zeekrocz117.
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dont send random friend invites. I only accept if i know you.
if you are a random person, i will not accept your friend request. otherwise i will ethier block or ignore you.

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Mittens Jun 24 @ 6:27am 
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zeekrocz117 Jun 18 @ 7:43pm 
@DatguyT_T i got this asked alot. im not sure why it happends, i but my guess something happend in a TF2 or GMod update that changed the directory of the weapon models. i cant say for sure.

i would send a quick patch, but there are some issues.

First off, i dont have the original VMF file for it anymore, as it got lost while transfering computers. without it, i cant edit the map at all. i could decompile it and work from there, but it was kinda glitchy.
i was working on a full remake of the map, but it kinda felt empty. i gave up on the remake when i switched to my current PC. but that dosnt mean i dont plan on going back to it, i just have alot of projects i want to work on atm.

(plus i gotta figure out how the disign will work)

untill i finish some projects im working on, dont expect an update to come out for a while.

Sorry dude.
DatGuyT_T Jun 18 @ 7:18pm 
Hello I got your addon from gmod Mannco store and there are some errors on the shelves any way to fix it?
MaxO. Jun 10 @ 1:14pm 
ok thanks
zeekrocz117 Jun 10 @ 12:23pm 
@MaxO. its hard to say if ill make more. but i did make a couple more of them from a stream i did a year ago. i'll most likley upload them eventually, but i would have to polish the animation since its that old. but that will have to wait cause i need to finish a certain video before i can do anything else with my channel.
MaxO. Jun 9 @ 9:30pm 
frist off Iove you animations ( keep up the go work) , but i want to know, are you goinh to make more SFM city vids