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My female powers are that of the understanding the rouge Galaxy Niribu, reptilians and Nephilim. The purpose of altering our DNA was to use as slaves, that's why we pump oil out of the earth, so the six digit shape shifters can survive "The 2nd Coming" which is what happens when Niburu passes through our atmostphere turning the world on its side

Thats why Tesla wanted to wrap a wire around the Earth and use electrical currency to move the earth on a basic X and Y positive and negative grid to avoid the coming.

Niburus atmosphere is depleted. Old turbine engines spit gold dust into the depleted planets atmosphere to block penetrating UV rays. Those are not dinosaur bones they "Reptilian" remains, six digit shape shifters, thats why Native Americans raised their hands and said "How" to prove they were not a Reptilian or Nephilim. Next time Niriburu passers our orbit we will be docked and Gods Kingdom will be moved to Earth and all of humanity will be enslaved...again.

That's why we dont know where we're from. That's why Al Gore travels with a suitcase of blood with argument that he has a health condition for which the blood he carries will not be used to for Arm and Hammer backing soda. Arm and Hammer is a real dude and controlled America behind the curtains for almost 100 years. The only one that stoood up to him was Reagan in the 80's and for that...they took his mind!

"Understanding is the first step to acceptance"

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one day our goat unison will be enough to overcome anything
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Fucking Insurgency man.
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Never change your profile info again, you've hit perfection
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Zolden, please.
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10/10 would chin again
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Black and white's gotta be in YOU.