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Jenny Tempalski   Wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania, United States
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I prefer female pronouns.

Due to competitive and signing items, I lose space on my friends list very frequently. This requires me to remove people. I'm very sorry if you're offended by this.

If you're adding me, please leave a comment below or I will be very hesitant to accept it. Too many people add me without saying anything. You will not be instantly ignored without a comment but you will have a delayed acceptance/rejection. I'm sorry.
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Competitive TF2 History & Adding me
Competitive TF2 History

ESEA Open S15 - Besaid Aurochs
CEVO Open S3 - bLandz gngstrz
ESEA Open S16 - little scizors pizza
ESEA Open S17 - Luca Goers
ESEA Intermediate S19 - Getawhale Fanclub (1st)
ESEA Invite S20 - Getawhale Fanclub
ESEA Invite S21 - EVL Gaming (4th)
ESEA Invite S22 - (2nd)
ESEA Invite S24 - Froyotech (1st)

ETF2L Premiereship S22 - The Last Resort
ETF2L Premiereship S23 - Planet Express
ETF2L Premiereship S25 - Gender Confused (2nd)

KevinisPwn's Map Rewind - Getawhale Fanclub (1st)
ESA Rewind LAN - Froyotech (1st)
TeamfortressTV New Map Cup - Froyotech (2nd)


UGC Iron S9 - Just Kidding!
UGC Silver S10 - Just Kidding!
UGC Silver S11 - Just Kidding!
UGC Gold S12 - Just Kidding!
UGC Platinum S13 - Just Kidding!
UGC Platinum S14 - Kid's Next Door (1st)
UGC Platinum S15 - Kid's Next Door (1st)
UGC Platinum S16 - Menace to Society (1st)
UGC Platinum S18 - Kid's Next Door (3rd)
UGC Platinum S19 - Kid's Next Door (2nd)

I've also played in numerous ultiduo tournaments, finishing first in my last four with my ultiduo partner b4nny.

Adding me

A lot of people add me for signings/to be my friend/mentoring, because of how many people try to add me I'm trying my hardest to keep my friends list more strict. This unfortunately makes me remove a lot of people and act suspicous of some adds. I'm very sorry if this is offensive to you.

Be sure to comment why you are adding me or else I will be very unwilling to accept/reject your request for an add.

If you are adding me for demo reviews/signing, please keep in mind I stopped doing these for free.
You can donate to me with the donation button on my twitch page. []

$1 = I will sign any weapon for you, but you still have to provide gift wrap + the item. Please keep in mind that it will take 15 days to have your item return to you.

$5 = I will review any demo of yours.

$15 = I will review demos for you all season long of whatever league you're currently playing.

$20 = Same as the $15, except I will give you access to any demos of my own. Please remember I usually upload all of my match PoVs + comms for free on YouTube anyway.

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last played on May 25
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last played on May 22
janek May 23 @ 9:12am 
added you for pugchamp stuff
kbd May 18 @ 8:55pm 
Sox and I wanted you to join our top plat 6s team since grandmasters died for the season, we'll probably be competing with Rikachu's team for first (we've already got barycenter, juki, etc) and are looking to fill out our roster. The team --->
OGÓROSŁAW May 15 @ 3:09am 
hey added for pug related stuff
great profile picture to represent our community, when interested people look up the name 'nursey' from danishactionheros cool youtube frags, they'll find this
keep up the again, great work
Umby_ May 11 @ 3:23pm 
Happy Birthday Best Girl <3
prefume May 11 @ 3:19pm 
happy birthday