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Jenny Tempalski   Wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania, United States
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No matter how dark the night, the sun always rises.

Due to competitive and signing items, I lose space on my friends list very frequently. This requires me to remove people. I'm very sorry if you're offended by this.

If you're adding me, please leave a comment below or I will be very hesitant to accept it. Too many people add me without saying anything. You will not be instantly ignored without a comment but you will have a delayed acceptance/rejection. I'm sorry.
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Competitive TF2 History & Adding me
Competitive TF2 History

ESEA Open S15 - Besaid Aurochs
CEVO Open S3 - bLandz gngstrz
ESEA Open S16 - little scizors pizza
ESEA Open S17 - Luca Goers
ESEA Intermediate S19 - Getawhale Fanclub (1st)
ESEA Invite S20 - Getawhale Fanclub
ESEA Invite S21 - EVL Gaming (4th)
ESEA Invite S22 - (2nd)
ESEA Invite S24 - Froyotech (1st)
ESEA Invite S25 - Ascent (2nd)
ESEA Invite S26 - Ascent (3rd)
ESEA Invite S27 - Ascent

ETF2L Premiereship S22 - The Last Resort
ETF2L Premiereship S23 - Planet Express
ETF2L Premiereship S25 - Gender Confused (2nd)

KevinisPwn's Map Rewind - Getawhale Fanclub (1st)
ESA Rewind LAN - Froyotech (1st)
TeamfortressTV New Map Cup - Froyotech (2nd)


UGC Iron S9 - Just Kidding!
UGC Silver S10 - Just Kidding!
UGC Silver S11 - Just Kidding!
UGC Gold S12 - Just Kidding!
UGC Platinum S13 - Just Kidding!
UGC Platinum S14 - Kid's Next Door (1st)
UGC Platinum S15 - Kid's Next Door (1st)
UGC Platinum S16 - Menace to Society (1st)
UGC Platinum S18 - Kid's Next Door (3rd)
UGC Platinum S19 - Kid's Next Door (2nd)
UGC Platinum S23 - Kid's Next Door (2nd)

I've also played in numerous ultiduo tournaments, finishing first in my last five with my ultiduo partner b4nny.

Adding me

A lot of people add me for signings/to be my friend/mentoring, because of how many people try to add me I'm trying my hardest to keep my friends list more strict. This unfortunately makes me remove a lot of people and act suspicous of some adds. I'm very sorry if this is offensive to you.

Be sure to comment why you are adding me or else I will be very unwilling to accept/reject your request for an add.

If you are adding me for demo reviews/signing, please keep in mind I stopped doing these for free.
You can donate to me with the donation button on my twitch page. []

$1 = I will sign any weapon for you, but you still have to provide gift wrap + the item.
$5 = I will review any demo of yours.

$15 = I will review five demos.

$20 = Same as the $15, except I will give you access to any demos of my own. Please remember I usually upload all of my match PoVs + comms for free on YouTube anyway.

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last played on Feb 24
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Limbo Feb 24 @ 12:45am 
Hands behind your back or he gets it :csgogun::SYMSchicken:
Limbo Feb 22 @ 7:52pm 
[TTD] Rorien ♥ Feb 22 @ 6:26pm 
can you pleeeeease sign my profile? You're the one who inspired me to start playing and main medic c:
welp Feb 20 @ 9:19pm 
I tried to donate 60 dollars to you during your LAN fundraising stream. It still says pending on PayPal, do you know if something happened with that?
Bombshell Feb 19 @ 7:17am 
*snuggles provided*
Xan Feb 19 @ 6:40am 
Your medic plays at rewind were fucking amazing, your team deserved to win more than froyo