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Personality type - ENTJ-A

"The most precious thing you have in the world, is your own people. And for these people, and for the sake of the people, we will struggle, and fight. And never slacken. Never tire. Never lose courage. And never lose faith." - Adolf Hitler

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please, please watch this.

Highlander Experience:
S16 /// Steel /// Main Engineer /// Team: Offense Dolphins (the realest)
S21 /// Steel /// Main Engineer /// Team: Shark Boys (made playoffs, won one, lost the next. RIP)

6s Experience:
S23 /// Silver /// Main Scout /// Team: RIP Bernie Mac (team died halfway into the season due to personal issues within the team.)

S22 /// Highlander /// /// Silver /// Sub Engie /// Team: Blackjack & Hookers
S24 /// 6s /// /// Silver /// Main Scout /// Team: Starstuck 6s

traps/gays/multiculturalism/islam = the death of western civilization.

The Lion.

The Final Legion
We Are Rome
On Wings of Steel
War is the Answer
Christvs Sonnenrad
All of the good Eurobeats
in addition to this, pick anything from Sabaton, Hold Fast, or Wolfnacht's playlist and i would enjoy them.

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shia: heisaliveandwithus
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Jackx232: praise satan
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