Chloe Grace Moretz   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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I've broken my TF2 directory so I'm gonna take a break from the game for a while. It won't be very long... I hope.
Don't tell me to/ask me when I'm going to change my name back to 'HEADS GROW BACK', it might be a while. I loved the movie too much. I'll change it back when I want to... right now... I really want to but I also don't... fuck...
I watched my first horror movie 'Carrie' (2013), and now I'm hooked on it... and now have a major crush on Chloe Grace Moretz. I'm not gonna watch the other ones (except, maybe, 2002), because I want the 2013 one to be my fav.
(Currently not taking requests until I get a computer that runs SFM better) I'm a rookie SFM artist (hoping to be animator), this is my DeviantArt profile - posters are free until I get better! []

So I'm NOT the first person to come up with 'HEADS GROW BACK'?... I think I need to create a new name for myself...
Full FAQ (for anyone who cares)
Kaboom - A soldier frag movie (my first frag movie)

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It appears as though you've stumbled onto my profile account! Whether intentional or unintentional... I'm glad you're here. :)

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Now... where do I begin...


Full FAQ (for anyone who cares)
Brief Description: I'm an insane gamer who likes to say and do stupid things for a living
REAL Name: Kyle Kelly
Age: 17
Date of Birth (D/M/Y... *Don't Mess Yourself): 3/12/1999
Gender: Male
Country: Australia (mate)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Mentally dating Chloe Grace Moretz
Celebrity Crush(s) - oh boy, here we go: Chloe Grace Moretz, Jennifer Lawrence, ThatPoppy (even though she creeps the bejeezuz outta me), Peyton List - trust me, there's a lot more.
Virginity Status: Why would I bother to add this in here if it's obvious? Because I can. Virgin.
Favourite Movies: Sausage Party, Deadpool and Carrie (2013)
Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Favourite Game: Dishonored + Dishonored 2
Favourite Song: Eppic - Hide and Seek (feat. ThatPoppy)
Favourite YouTuber: Markiplier
Favourite TF2 Related YouTuber: Blu


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Online: I'm probably doing something stupid, feel free to bug me.
Offline: I'm probably on my PS4 playing Injustice or Dishonored... what's this "life" you speak of?
In game [Game Name] : Pls see this.
Busy: I'm doing something (nothing specific) that I don't want to be interupted on. Please don't message me.
Away: I'm off doing something I cannot be interupted from, or is urgent. Therefore I wish you not to bug me (I'm probs off my computer in this situation anyway).
Looking to Trade: I have a couple of items that I don't want/I want a certain item (which I will announce in the comments below) and want to trade. Feel free to ask me.
Looking to Play: I can't decide on a game to play, recommend a free game (or paid, just tell me the price) or to play one that I already own.

I'm pretty salty about dominations... so if you're dominating me and you're not on my friends list... there's a good chance I'm cursing your soul.
I HAVE hacked in TF2 before, however it was for testing purposes (I was interested to see how the hack worked, I got the free lmaobox and put it on a f2p account on a separate computer, thus the bans couldn't affect my official account). It was funny and interesting buuuut, I'd rather actually GETTING good...
I am very sensitive emotionally.
I'm not rough out of fear for hurting myself.
My skin is sensitive to cold water (therefore I don't go to the beach often and washing my hands is a pain in the ass... or hands).
I am terribly fearful of pain (and anything that could cause me pain).
I'm a feminist (only about rights, I'm not the type of feminist who would start a war about Tracer's pose or some shit like that)
I have a LOT of crushes on people that I'll never get for one of two reasons: A. They're fictional characters, 2. They're a celebrity overseas...
I don't give a fuck about politics, I just shit-talk Trump.
I'm anti-social personally.
I may have AUTISM
I stay inside my home most of the time.
I will punch the face of anyone who jumpscares me.
I like to pretend to be a F2P sometimes. Although sometimes people try to talk shit to me once I reveal that I'm not. "Aw, you probably got gifted those items". I hate people.


Mains: (From top to bottom) Spy, Pyro, Soldier, Demoman, Scout Sniper, Heavy, Engineer, Medic
Favourite (to play as): (From top to bottom) Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Spy, Scout, Heavy, Sniper, Medic, Engineer
Favourite (as characters): Soldier, Scout, Sniper, Pyro, Heavy, Demoman, Medic, Engineer, Spy
Hated (to go against online): Scouts.
Favourite Stock Weapon: Knife (of course)
Favourite Weapon All Around: Scotsman's Skullcutter (pairs well with the Tide Turner)

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+rep made me feel like a special sniper main
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Bout to watch the Lego Batman movie. Been meaning to for a while.
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pretty sure she is ;p
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And her name is Stephanie, I think.
CARRIE WHITE Apr 6 @ 3:54am 
No, I don't think so.