SWAMP my in doing you are WHAT


"I havent shit the bed since kindergarten" - Vantes 2015

"dragon ball is not unrealistic" - RikRakJones 2016

09:41 - shena: it looks really good too
09:41 - shena: just black
09:41 - shena: like nigger

22:44 - ことりのわいふ: help
22:44 - ことりのわいふ: I can't breathe
22:44 - ことりのわいふ: I got tesla coil russian
22:44 - ことりのわいふ: It sounds like he's talking into a tesla coil

22:32 - rs: LOL the special olympics actually exist
22:32 - rs: it's on snapchat

Kayleigh #👌: ts.ryanskidmore.co.uk
Reagy~ ❤: more like RYAN SKIDMARKS

18:17 - FROZTED FLAKEZ: spunj's hair is like an anime

00:43 - crαsh ✓ 💯 ✌: I DID
00:43 - crαsh ✓ 💯 ✌: I DEFEATED THE DMG HELEL
00:43 - crαsh ✓ 💯 ✌: YES
00:43 - crαsh ✓ 💯 ✌: im cumming

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moon man troller wannq be you and tron but hal like henry Lee and Otis sexual magnetism. FUCK YOU
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*drum solo*
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forehead so big, bright and white you could blind more of george bush's plane holograms and cause another 9/11 inside job #deModKiwi2017
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