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10:21 PM - Kris18 Bv: Not really a fan of convincing myself I like self-entitled, poor, dumb-as-dirt black people. Nothing against blacks as a characteritic, but I don't find myself physically attracted to them a fraction as much as white or asian

Kris18 Bv: I don't hate blacks or asians.
Kris18 Bv: I hate thieves and self-entitled pricks.
Kris18 Bv: They just happen to coincide in this town.

12:31 PM - http://y2u.be/Gmud7XxZZrY : how the fuck does a pony with hooves play the violin

5:44 PM - cinder: why does everyone call me a slut

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i love you
just saw a man come out of the stall from a fresh shit with a bagel in hand and not wash his hands. Happy Thursday y'all
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algert einstein
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