free my boi dust 1
did somebody ring the d i n k s t e r   Nakapiripirit, Uganda
As they say in my home country, “I’m hungry”

"She's not egyptian, she's british."
"I know. They both start with E"

"Christ compel my beets"

I have lungs and I must breathe
"Just drink the urinary tract infection juice and you'll be good"
"Bring it to school in one of those dasani water bottles and when people ask what it is just say my urinary track is infected"
“p o u n d”
"potz: u know what they say and octopus in the 30 yard line is the same as a hot dog stand on 42nd"
"Rice and chinks? that's the perfect way to start a morning"
"The yoyoman will keep on yoing. That's the one constant in this universe"
"Some people, the world is better off without. But more often than not, the person is simply better off without the world"
Winner of comedy: 11/19/2017
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Next thing you know, Feminists will want to make Hitler a black woman who was stood up by her jewish boyfriend
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