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Most of you might know me as either "am" or "Habeef"

Number 1. Qt person i know! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Quartoch/

Quartoch: Geass, Graggy, Jaanii, you, Fang...
TiW am: Not kage?
Quartoch: nope, I'm his mommy xD
TiW am: "I feel the l.o.l step up in me, i need to contain it, keep it from the world outside, but i cant, and suddenly"
Quartoch: oh, and I jokingly ship myself with some of the characters from my game as well
Quartoch: what? xD
TiW am: I lolled
Quartoch: oh, I see
Quartoch: Kage got mommyzoned out of fake flirting
TiW am: xDDD

"Back when i used to have relationships the biggest problems used to be.." - Am 2016 "Hiding the body" - Fenrir 2016

"Doesnt really matter if Fenrir married the Ender Dragon, i got backup boyfreinds!" - Q 2016

A Smut story about Am and his Ego:
Quartoch: "A cloud of smoke escaped from the pod. In the blur, a figure took shape. A figure AM had desired to meet for too long."
Quartoch: "An exact copy of AM made his way out of the smoke, and looked at his creator."
Quartoch: "Hello there, me." AM spoke to his counterpart.
Quartoch: "Finally managed to clone yourself?" The copy spoke.
Quartoch: AM stepped up to his clone, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Finally."
Quartoch: "I'm just as perfect as I imagined..." The clone almost whispered, looking into AM's eyes.
Quartoch: AM couldn't hold his feelings any longer. He grasped his clone close, and passionately pressed a kiss on his lips.
Quartoch: The clone didn't mind. Though a little shocked at first, he quickly kissed back, wrapping his arms around AM.
Quartoch: And so the two stood there, their tongues intertwined in a love fueled ecstacy, longing for what was to come.
TiW am: xD

Huskey: ay okay
Steve Birdashian: Adress
Steve Birdashian: And the port is 3637
Huskey: My name is
Steve Birdashian: JOHN CENAA
Huskey: yet crispy but not too
Huskey: K
Huskey: bye
Steve Birdashian: xD
Huskey is now Offline.

Quartoch: ;)
TiW am: ;) I see
TiW am: ;) Looking good
Quartoch: getting in ;)
Quartoch: getting out ;)
TiW am: ;) Feels good

Huskey: I am already in casual
am: Quit it, lets go
Huskey: MrDutchguy : Huskey your skills as a medic are worth more than your Max's head
Huskey: i cant
Huskey: people think i am good

Defa: mm?
Defa: mm?
Defa: am up for some mm?
Defa: mm up for some am?
one pink motherfucker: NGGA
one pink motherfucker: YEA
one pink motherfucker: WHATEVER

"am, you have a cute penis" - Pitts

20:32 - am: Its more gay to run arounf without clothes tho
20:32 - Huskey: You just need 1 underwear a week
20:32 - Huskey: so you need 2 in total
20:32 - am: Youre quite desgusting

Daisy the whore Duck: but dolan
Daisy the whore Duck: baby
Daisy the whore Duck: i will make you a happy duck
Daisy the whore Duck: ;)
Dolan duchebag duck: ;)
Dolan duchebag duck: Lets go right here
Dolan duchebag duck: I WANT THEM TO WATCH

18:36 - am: Lmao
18:36 - am: I joined a game as sub scout in 6s
18:36 - am: When i came in, we were losing 4-0
18:36 - am: I fragged 40+ people and died 10 times, until we won 9 rounds later
18:37 - am: The other team started ragequitting because i wiped their team at one point
18:37 - am: #litaf
18:37 - caravan connection: I honestly dont care
18:37 - am: Aww
18:37 - am: Why you be like that
18:37 - caravan connection: Because you do it all the time
18:38 - am: xD

Klin: oj for http://etf2l.org/forum/user/107432/
Hugo: nah
Hugo: we got someone rostered anyway now
Klin: so you wont allow am anyway
Hugo: no
Klin: you don't put the 'fun' in fun cup :(
Hugo: would be taking the 'fun' out of fun cup having a mid grand final players raping ;////
Klin: tried to put a high player as a merc :(((

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