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MEATSLAM Aug 12 @ 10:05pm 
Hitch a Ride

Don’t cry because it’s over.
Smile because it happened.

Twilight Sparkle watched the candle with bloodshot eyes, waiting for the last bit of wax to melt before blowing out the flame. There was a time when she had told herself to go to sleep, but Ponyville’s clock tower hadn’t yet rung twelve times to mark midnight—or at the very least she was too occupied to hear it. The candle, she thought. There’s a better clock I can use.

Outside of the light’s influence were strewn several discarded sheets of parchment, each inscribed with past concepts now scribbled over with the same ink that still pooled in the wells. To Twilight, the unsatisfactory thoughts and ideas written on the scrolls were a waste of time—I’ll get it right on the next one, she insisted to herself time and again, allowing another virginal scroll to rise from the stack and face the trial of her quill.
MEATSLAM Aug 12 @ 10:04pm 
Her latest attempt to write was hovering right in front of her, enveloped in a violet glow. Ideas were constantly running through her mind; sleep deprivation sent each one out, leaving her motionless with an ink-tipped quill set to write nothing.

So this is it, she thought, sighing as she relinquished her magical hold on the parchment and quill. After an entire day of writing, you’re no closer to finishing than you were at the start. Twilight let loose a soft sigh and hung her head in defeat. A week until Hearth’s Warming Eve, Twilight. Sometimes I wonder if you take on too much.

‘You...’ a faint voice called from above, perking up Twilight’s ears and catching her attention, ‘ still working on that play thingy, Twi? I keep hearing the paper moving—just want some sleep is all.’
MEATSLAM Aug 12 @ 10:04pm 
Twilight cast her gaze to the library’s top floor, where a dimly-lit purple figure was busy stumbling his way in the dark from his basket to the floor’s edge. As the candlelight illuminated part of his body, wrinkles could be clearly seen forming under his eyes.

‘Goodness, Spike, you need to get some rest!’ Twilight said, staring straight into his bloodshot eyes. ‘I’ll move the light somewhere else so you don’t get distracted.’

‘Twilight, your eyes are red. Come up to bed,’ Spike replied, ushering Twilight to the stairs with the pointing of his claw. ‘You can’t come up with ideas without a good night’s sleep.’ Spike took a quick glance out the window, seeing only the slightest moonlight creep in through the window, and frowned. ‘As if we’ll even get a good night’s sleep as it is.’
MEATSLAM Aug 12 @ 10:04pm 
‘Spike, I really need to get this done. Rarity ordered the costumes from last year’s play already, so I need to pick them up tomorrow and I need the story finished so we can get the lines memorized!’

‘The script isn’t done? You got the job a few days ago—wait,’ Spike said, raising an accusing eyebrow, ‘you’ve been working on this for the last four days?’ Twilight nodded in response. ‘How much have you gotten done so far?’

Twilight motioned her hoof to the floor, still littered with pieces of thrown away parchment. Spike merely sighed as he looked at the cluttered mess and then back to the mare.

‘Well, I don’t really have a say in what you do, but you might get inspiration from the costumes.’ Spike’s comment was met with Twilight’s own raised eyebrow. ‘What? I’m not saying it will, but it’s better than staying up all night. You’ll never get inspiration this way.’
MEATSLAM Aug 12 @ 10:04pm 
Twilight raised her hoof and opened her mouth, prepared to protest, but a good look at the small pile of discarded ideas silenced her before she could even speak.

‘Alright,’ she said, ‘I’ll sleep on it. Once I’m done cleaning all of this up, that is,’ she added, taking a quick pause to yawn. ‘Wouldn’t want a messy work station, would we?’

‘Do what you need to do,’ Spike grumbled, waving his claw passively as he scrambled back to his basket. ‘I’m going to bed.’

Twilight set about shifting the inkwells and quills back into neat rows, but as she came across the sheet of blank parchment she had been staring at before, a thought crossed her mind: Hold on a second, she thought, keeping silent for Spike’s sake, I know what to put down!
MEATSLAM Aug 12 @ 9:57pm 
Within a few seconds, the untested scroll hovered in front of Twilight, floating alongside a freshly-inked quill. Her mind took her places she hadn’t seen the entire day; sleep deprivation, as it turns out, prompted a slight burst of inspiration.

A few moments and a fair bit of scratching quill against parchment later, and Twilight stood completely rigid, staring at what she had accomplished in such a short period of time.

‘“Twilight Sparkle Presents”,’ she read. ‘“Twilight Sparkle Presents”.’ She merely sighed and read over the same three words again and again, observing the delicate and immense effort she put into them—the sharp curls and extravagant decorations around twenty-three letters of work proved that. ‘Twilight Sparkle Presents—’