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PBFortress Root -- VSH Supervisor

PAX West Enforcer -- Seattle, WA [Tabletop]
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[TI5] Proud volunteer for the International DOTA 2 Championships Secret Shop.

X-Wingaholic | Board Game Enthusiast


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As a Root, I have the privilege and responsibility to work with the community and guide newer staff toward efficient server moderation.

[[[ --- STAFF REFERENCES --- ]]]
I have the ability and privilege to give you my reference, but I will remind you that I don't give my reference out very often-- if at all.

If I do give a reference, then you really stand out to my eyes and I appreciate the work and effort you put towards the PB community.

If you haven't received my recommendation, don't fret! There is still hope for you. Work hard and meet requirements set for you-- you might be gratefully rewarded in due time.


I am a simple-minded individual who happens to like the show. Take that as you may, but be aware that I'm neither a complacent die-hard, nor am I a rock-solid pessimist towards the show. I just enjoy it for what it is-- that is all I really have to say.


♫ HLDJ Player ♪
║ ( o )║
I enjoy listening to music, and sometimes I even like to share 'some' of it over the game (If the server supports HLDJ playback or music playback in general). Don't expect any heavy death metal, rap or country music from me, though...


You can also find me on BoardGameGeek [www.boardgamegeek.com]
Youtube: Xeadin101
Twitter: @Xeadin


First of all, let this message be absolutely clear:
Sorry, but there is too much uncertainty with such profiles to begin with.

If you want to be my 'friend' on Steam, please write in the comments below why you want to add me as a friend. If you do not, you will be ignored.

Exceptions can, and will, be made. If I friend you, it is because I value you as a mature and honest individual.

Be advised that I do not trade often with other players. If you try to lowball, scam, or even trick me into trading an item (or items) with you, you will be rewarded with an instant communications blacklist. Give me a good reason to trade with me and I might take it into consideration. I have been receiving a lot of trick trades involving potential malware infections lately, so be advised that I will be taking extra precautions to ensure a safe and fair trade. This is your one and only reminder.

Be advised that if you invite me to your personal gaming group, regardless of how large or popular it is, you will be put under very intense scrutiny. I will be taking a close look at your group, which includes analyzing the content and members of the group, as well as reading what it is about.

Don't take it personally; do not feel discouraged or put off if you do not find me in your group's members list or if I deny your trade offer. I am a, rather, picky individual by nature, and would rather spend more of my time with competent, well-mannered gamers.

[AWAY], [BUSY], [Camping], or anything else I add at the end of my name means that I really am busy, so constantly pestering me during any of those times may reward in communication blocking/ blacklisting. If there is an emergency and you really need to contact me, please do so, but be aware that I may only have a limited time to respond, or I might not even be able to respond at all.

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ᴾᴮCompanionQube Jun 23 @ 10:48am 
Hi, I want to speak about PB Fortress and my moderator application when you have the time.
swifte Apr 3 @ 3:23pm 
yo is the pb na servers comin back anyteim soon
CandyMan Tony Builder Apr 3 @ 11:56am 
I am inviting you to friends beacouse i want to tell somebody of directors or above to accept my friend request beacouse i want to buy a vip
CandyMan Tony Builder Apr 3 @ 11:54am 
I want really talk with you please respond fast
ƤƁ M Ɗαяк Sρуяσ Feb 6 @ 8:48am 
Want to add higher up staff members / i want to be your friend.
Wãvè 🌊 Jan 26 @ 6:43pm 
Hello I am trying to apply for mod and need 5 ref and i would like you to help me if you would want to.