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aka. X81   Austria

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Main (X81)

1. Smurf (Silver 2)

2. Smurf (Silver 2)

3. Smurf (MG)

My Knife history:

Falchion Knife Slaughter [MW]
Flip Knife Scorched [FT]
Butterfly Stained [WW]
Gut Knife Damascus Steel [FT]
Karambit Crimson Web [BS]
Shadow Daggers Crimson Web [FT]
Falchion Knife Fade [FN]
Butterfly Fade [FN]
Bayonet Doppler Phase 4 [FN]
Karambit Case Hardened 50% Blue [WW]
M9 Bayonet Crimson Web [FT]
Butterfly Case Hardened ST. Blue Gem [BS]
M9 Bayonet Safari Mesh [FN]
Flip Knife Marble Fade Fire & Ice [FN]
Bayonet Tiger Tooth [FN]
Bowie Knife Forest DDPAT [MW]
Flip Knife Night [FT]
Falchion Knife Safari Mesh [FT]
Flip Knife Safari Mesh [FT]
Butterfly Slaughter [FT]
Karambit Scorched [MW]
Butterfly Vanilla [★]
Bayonet Case Hardened 50% Blue [WW]
Karambit Vanilla [★]
M9 Bayonet Slaughter [FT]
Karambit Night [FT]
M9 Bayonet Damascus Steel [FN]
Karambit Crimson Web [FT]
M9 Bayonet Lore [BS]
Bayonet Tiger Tooth [FN]
Karambit Crimson Web [FT]
St. Bayonet Doppler Phase 2 [FN]
M9 Bayonet Fade 97% [FN]
M9 Bayonet Doppler Phase 4 [FN]
Bayonet Fade 97% [FN]
M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth [FN]
Karambit Slaughter [MW]
Bayonet Marble Fade Tricolor [FN]
Karambit Doppler Phase 4 [FN]
Bayonet Marble Fade Fire & Ice [FN]
Bayonet Marble Fade Tricolor [FN]
M9 Bayonet Slaughter [FN]
Bayonet Marble Fade Fire & Ice [FN]
Karambit Tiger Tooth [FN]
M9 Bayonet Marble Fade MRT [FN]
Karambit Marble Fade Tricolor BD [FN]
Karambit Marble Fade Ice & Gold [FN]
Karambit Marble Fade Tricolor YD [FN]
AWP Medusa [WW]
Karambit Fade 90/7/3 [FN]
M9 Bayonet Marble Fade MRT [FN]
M9 Bayonet Marble Fade [FN]
Butterfly Slaughter [FN]
Flip Knife Doppler Phase 3 [FN]
Bayonet Tiger Tooth [FN]
Butterfly Fade 100% [FN]
Motogloves Eclipse [BS]
Sport Gloves Arid [WW]
Karambit Damascus Steel [MW]
M9 Bayonet Doppler Phase 2 [FN]
Flip Knife Case Hardened 85% Blue [WW]
M9 Bayonet Case Hardened 60% Blue [WW]
Karambit Tiger Tooth [FN]
Karambit Damascus Steel [MW]
Butterfly Fade 100% [FN]
M4A4 Howl [FT]
St. Karambit Tiger Tooth [FN]
Gut Knife Rust Coat [BS]
M4A4 Howl [FT]
Bayonet Stained [BS]
AWP Medusa 0.96 [BS]
Karambit Tiger Tooth [FN]
AWP Dragon Lore [BS]
Glock-18 Fade [FN]
Gut Knife Ultraviolet [MW]
Gut Knife Doppler Sapphire [FN]
Gut Knife Gamma Doppler Emerald [FN]
Butterfly Urban Masked [FT]
Butterfly Slaughter [MW]
Bowie Knife Blue Steel [WW]
Karambit Fade [FN]
M9 Bayonet Fade [FN]

-------------------- [ CASHED OUT 900€ ] --------------------

Butterfly Knife Stained [FT]
St. Flip Knife Damascus Steel [FT]
St. Flip Knife Night [FT]
Falchion Knife Crimson Web [FT]
St. Flip Knife Freehand [FT]
M9 Bayonet Ultraviolet [FT]
Flip Knife Marble Fade FFI [FN]
Gut Knife Autotronic [FT]
Bowie Knife Urban Masked [FT]
Gut Knife Marble Fade FFI [FN]
Karambit Stained [BS]
Falchion Knife Blue Steel [WW]
Butterfly Knife Night [FT]
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Nelu •~• 2 hours ago 
mad cuz rekt by supreme? hah
lSyRoXlx3 2 hours ago 
- rep getting boostet by a hacker!
Kisko 2 hours ago 
-rep getting boosted by a hacker 3/19 hahah
Zajawa Apr 23 @ 9:14am 
paying $ for rankup to a cheater, what a lovely situation
pep1l Apr 20 @ 10:52am 
Hello Sir i am steam manager for Hellcase and you have been scammer probably by Richard fake agent. Please added us we can make a back your skins. Issue - 58F9A32
hy0 Apr 18 @ 11:37pm 
Macht gute Kill edits (☞゚∀゚)☞