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i love tank

I make guns using and
Series 1, 1-50 :
Series 2, 51-100 :
Series 3, 101-150 :
Series 4, 151-200 : 17/02/2015
Series 5, 201-250 : - 17/02/2015 - 27/02/2015
Series 6, 251-300 : - 28/02/2015 - 13/03/2015
Series 7, 300-350 : 14/03/2015 - 27/03/2015
Series 8, 351-400 : 15/03/2015 - 20/04/2015
Series 9, 401-450 :
Eerie the Ghost, by Razmakai ( ):
Verde the Harpy, by Tinkerer ( ):
Mitra the Lamia:
Alma the Kikimora: ( ):
Sream the Sahuagin: Looking for willing artists~! PM FOR DETAILS
Bizzit the Honeybee, by Razmakai ( ):
Frigus the Ogress: Looking for willing artists~! PM FOR DETAILS
Lapin the Usagimimi, by WILL ( ):

Eerie avatar, by Tinkerer ( )
Eerie, by Doshie ( ):
Verde, by Zeta:
Sleeping Verde, by Zeta:
Eeries, by WILL ( ):
Chibi Verde:
Verde avatar, by Tinkerer ( )
Verde, by WILL ( ):
Eerie, by WILL ( ):
Eerie, by Razmakai ( ):
Alma, by WILL ( ):

(I take donations!)

Britefire : Donated some coffee, a melon and tea. delicious~! :D
Corn Bread : Donated Chicken, fish, melons, pumpkins, ham, cupcakes, beer, hamburger, icecream, a teabag, a sandwich, cookies, an onion and some corn! wonderful!!!! thank you~!! :D ♥
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Jon Johnson and Quarterback had an argument, Quarterback is devastated.
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