Brandon M.   Massachusetts, United States
I'm Brandon, also known as WumboTheElephant. I like JAR Media, Payday 2,The Elder Scrolls, and OG Spongebob (Season 1-3). I also love to draw and make weird YouTube videos. See below for links.

DISCLAIMER: I tend to leave games on for long periods when I'm not on my PC, so don't think I'm some sort of gaming addict who plays in 8 hour sessions. More likely than not I'm AFK


Twitter (I post most of my antics here, like art and other current projects, also my favorite developer, John Pickford follows me)

My YouTube channel, I like to infrequently make insane videos using deepcut, mysterious and strange inside jokes and images, just watch my Mr. Lee video, it explains it all

Soundcloud (Where I post my music tracks and other things) [soundcloud.com]

- Conversational Hall of Fame -
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: >eggwhites
WumboTheElephant: >say my name
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: >you smart
WumboTheElephant: >you LOYAL
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: >i appreciate THAT
WumboTheElephant: >YOU A GENIUS
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: >this part of the video iz when u push ups , sit ups whateva lez get it
WumboTheElephant: ANOTHER ONE
WumboTheElephant: ANOTHER ONE
WumboTheElephant: ANOTHER ONE
WumboTheElephant: AND
WumboTheElephant: ANOTHER ONE


Bika_Nona [$Burners]: he smart
WumboTheElephant: he LOYAL
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: he a GENIOUS
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: SAY MY NAME BBU
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: BBY***
WumboTheElephant: ~...dj khaled...~
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: :C SAY MYY NAMEE BBYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
WumboTheElephant: ANOTHER ONE
Bika_Nona [$Burners]: ANOTHER ONE


2:52 PM - Smitty: You know
2:52 PM - Smitty: I've been on Youtube for a long time
2:52 PM - Smitty: seen a lot of videos
2:52 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: Yes
2:52 PM - Smitty: a lot of comments
2:53 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: Yep
2:53 PM - Smitty: But this comment, in my entire 8 years of being on the site, is by far the greatest
2:53 PM - Smitty: https://gyazo.com/39eb1201c134303ac89a27b4dd80b7d7
2:53 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: but
2:53 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: why
2:54 PM - Smitty: The ever increasing field of vapid child's entertainment, tainting the minds of young, and failing school systems, I'd say
2:55 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: >mexican troll face
2:55 PM - Smitty: WHAT
2:55 PM - Smitty: THEY'RE OVER 10
2:55 PM - Smitty: [youtube link]
2:56 PM - Smitty: THAT KID LOOKS LIKE 14
2:56 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: I may just be being mean , but he looks like a palm tree
2:59 PM - Smitty: But what could possibly lead someone to making this comment, what runs through their tiny kid brain to make them write such a comment?
2:59 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: w what mr crabs
3:00 PM - Smitty: FIRED
3:00 PM - BkИ | de_rust2 *AS: but t t mr crabs
3:00 PM - Smitty: OWO What's this
3:00 PM - Smitty: This turned into Spongebob R34 real quick


9:42 PM - Jiggles: I can't sleep
9:42 PM - Here Come Dat Harambe: ok
9:43 PM - Jiggles: help me noid
9:43 PM - Here Come Dat Harambe: Okay, what you're gonna want to do first
9:43 PM - Here Come Dat Harambe: is get a Domino's pizza
9:43 PM - Here Come Dat Harambe: then open the box
9:43 PM - Here Come Dat Harambe: and STOMP THAT MF
9:43 PM - Jiggles: HELP ME SLEEP
9:43 PM - Jiggles: NOT HELP ME BE A NOID

I was also friended by Ruben from JAR Media and MaliciousCarrot but they deleted me RIP

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Glory to Islam
Yiff King Jiggles Nov 15 @ 4:14pm 
Annihilate Christian, first target you.
BkNRust''サラ May 2 @ 5:53pm 
too gay , Here Come Dat Harambe: LE EDUPS XDDDDDDD
this is the man's daily quote. Please help this man.
BkNRust''サラ May 24, 2016 @ 1:34pm 
Physical memes flow within your blood , young one. Don't take your life. Meme the whole world and only ask for AdRevenue in exchange. Your efforts must be noticed.
TheJohnsonGuy Feb 14, 2016 @ 12:58pm 
Once the lobster is cooked, crack the shell open with kitchen shears to make it easier to eat. You can also do this with a knife, but be careful not to break apart the lobster meat as you cut through the shell.
BkNRust''サラ Feb 7, 2016 @ 11:03am 
Wew lad , this is one dank™ profile , filled with memes , family-friendly , and if you listen closely , MattyB can be heard rapping , you can also hear SoFlo stealing , and FineBros reacting™ to all of this. Wow , this is the center of existance.