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they get paid extra to NOT release it on PC and i dunno what you complain about gta, that is developed at a completely other physical location by completely different people, just under the same big nametag and the same game engine. and ... rdr is gta with a different setting. instead of cars, you have horses and 80% of your gameplay is to use those to "explore" the "world". it is designed to fraud you with meaningless gameplay to charge you full price. cut the crap out and rdr is a very nice relaxed 2 hour western game. they could sell it for $5 and i would not complain. but 60 bucks to make me look at a horses number plate for 10 hours ... 9 9 9 9.
this crap happend 10/11 years ago

the trigger was that ms put a $50/year price tag on it to barrage mp and other features of a game behind a paywall. (which is the 'console-ization'. it was meant to be the equivalent of a xbox live subscription)

the service and software was branded as garbage before it was even released.

the complete refund and free-zation of it did not really do anything since the software has had large update failures due to its distribution methods, on game release server issues and overall from my perspective any mid-budget PC that could borderline play a fresh released game back in those days had also deal with the horrendous resource usage of gfwl ... which today is laughable but 10 years ago 2gb ram was highend and something to brag about and 200mb went to that annoying and sometimes needed-to-play overlay, which was unoptimized for several years.
it is saved per appid, not in general.
12 hours ago
In topic away status
yes but only the chat window will display that status change.
away is also triggered automatically by no input for 5 minutes.
12 hours ago
In topic Any game similar to Path of Exile?
12 hours ago
In topic Question about gifts

you allow the refund, he requests it. same 14d/2h policy applies.
12 hours ago
Originally posted by -=k00n_krush3r69=-:
And since the app on your phone doesnt display the items that are in the trade its easy to fall for the trick.
the app does display the contents of a trade.
in steam friends/chat window can be also the time since YOU got disconnected from steam service. if you see the same last online time on multiple people, restart steam.

other then this the number on the profile and the number in the steam friend/chat windows have different triggers. so the time can be different.
callin my url in a webbrowser will give back the list even without an api key and make the browser or tab unresponsive for a while or crash

tf2 wiki is not really the documentation.

official doc for this function is here:
set the game to be in windowed fullscreen if possible, not just fullscreen
set the hdmi output as default playback device before starting the game (some configs need all other audio devices to be disabled and the system restarted)

gives you appid and name. not hardlinked on purpose, the list will molest every browser
18 hours ago
In topic Hide chinese games.
you can only partially hide stuff on Steam and this will not change since Valve would break contract. exclude stuff for your recommendation you dont wanna see via the link already mentioned.
the tag you are probably looking for is Visual Novel and/or Anime. you are getting anime recommendations since you play anime-inspired/based games.

there is not anything else you can and will do, so you should consider working on your tolerance
Jan 12 @ 5:18pm
In topic Global Cooldown
dont share phone numbers for your Steam account with questionable people that use cheats .. so ask your friends that got banned on the same day.
if you are 100% sure you enter the correct credentials, then:

close Steam
backup .\Steam\userdata folder
delete the folder (not the backup, obviously)
start Steam, login.
ask the place where you bought it. the mentioned application underlies the same cross country restrictions as everything else.
Jan 12 @ 4:06pm
In topic Opt out of disturbing ads
Originally posted by Kelmenjar:
If you wish to change which page loads on start-up

Steam > Settings > Interface > Favorite window (choose from drop-down menu)
do this and set it to something else then Store

this are not ads, that is the front page of the store .... which is also catered towards your personal preferences and by looking at the games you own an play, violence and gore goes well with the recommendations that the front page of the store gave you.
set mobile auth up. just having the app does nothing.
Jan 10 @ 3:18pm
In topic Closed
your name history on Steam is also public and you didn't manifest an owl in all names you had.

it is not a very common name today since it correlates with a brand for alcoholic drinks these days, so that was not a shot in the dark and you exposed your name on other social media.
you have to do the same stuff on your computer.
Jan 10 @ 2:44pm
In topic Android client on tablets
clear your app cache, not the data.
if the problem persists, exact android, Steam app version and a screenshot of it.

this here is a website. you can visit it with any webbrowser, so try an alternative webbrowser for android, like firefox or chrome and see if the same problem exists there too.
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