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Originally posted by Sayaka:
So if that were the case could i never buy them a game?
unless the currency rates dont change drasticly, on Steam, nope.

otherwise there is always
10 hours ago
In topic Can someone help
you have to have a valid purchase on Steam that is not older then a year, soo, buy something and then wait 30 days, because the valid purchase also has be be older then 30 days.
US and denmark certainly do NOT have the same prices. DK uses euro, you use USD.

if games are havin the same "price" like $30 = 30€ then they are not evenly price. euro is 16% more expensive in this case. 30€ = $35.20
10 hours ago
In topic Installing Steam games to a disk
Originally posted by BaerSLK:
You can buy 90% of the Steam games on DVD and install most of the content by DVD so less downloading is required, very comfortable for people who live in regions without flatrate,
i have some other numbers for you.

90% of Steam games are not even available in any physical form
90% of the games that are, contain outdated data on release.
13 hours ago
In topic Humble Bundle problem
depends on the key humble received from the dev. DmC was not available for germany some time.

so humble support.
13 hours ago
In topic Problems with installing PAYDAY 2
normal, your hdd should be puking when it doesn't download.
13 hours ago
In topic about trusting a dude
Originally posted by GoreRotteD:
I am shure there is a lot of users who have the same need for this feature.
how do you know that?

well ... he does something wrong then.
13 hours ago
In topic Can't change PASSWORD
Originally posted by Forcen:
Just go here:
while not being logged in.
13 hours ago
In topic Can i see my credit card details ?
Originally posted by ReBoot:
Originally posted by Shadow:
61 acually how much do you get for new games?
Arkham Origins isn't new at all. I bought that with the season pass for 34€ back then in 2013.
i didn't knew they abbreviate Arkham with AC in your country.
gets refunded to original payment method
also you screenshots look like this. where do you see that and .... is it actually a problem?
Originally posted by NoakilleFR:
i just got a enb and no mod like that (i post 3 capture frame by frame and one of the three picture look like that
there is something in red text on that screen, you might wanna read it.
Originally posted by AlpTR:
he is looking his library in front of me but they are not in his inventory
they are probably refunded.
not a steam problem, use the games own board to rant:
16 hours ago
In topic How to fast leave all groups?
16 hours ago
In topic getting a pointer from a website.
you cant get the mouse cursor from a website for your operating system. it doesn work like that.
18 hours ago
In topic My refound it's wrong!
Originally posted by Skinny♥♥♥♥♥♥♥1471966894862371161:
First, off why would you buy GTA5 for 99.99?
because that is the price in another currency that uses dollar notation, you did not invent the dollar.
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