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If you already thought about sending me a key for no reason just to get a positive review, fuck off you shithead, your game is shit, your life is shit and you are probably from some degenerated country that is shit.

If you don't felt offended by that, congratulations, you are qualified enough to release a game on Steam but that is not an easy thing. Sure, you can release your game on Steam on your own without any help, but then you will dinkle around with a handful of sales each month even when the whole state of your game is perfect. Valve shovels 400+ games each month onto Steam and the quality of the game is no longer enough to stand out from this shitpile you should throw nuclear bombs on.

I provide advice to not fuck up the initial steps of your game on Steam, this includes how to set it up on Steam, early marketing and PR handling after release, but I will only help you with it if I think your game has any potential.

If you think your game has potential, email me the current promo material and recorded ingame footage, decent HD quality, no Bandicam 15fps bullshit. If you don't know how to record decent game footage, your game is shit anyway and you are delusional about any potential your game never had.

If I think your game has potential I will answer you, arrange a meetup in a voicecom of my choice and if you speak decent English, you will receive a personal review of your game and a crash course of the prep material I have. This includes a full special documentation about Steams Partner interface 2017 that is tailored to a future-proof and easy to maintain setup, a dozen very good reasons not just to shovel your game onto Steam without any external marketing and a very excessive shotgun blast of examples of how your behavior to the user and customer can snowball your sales.

DO NOT FORGET, this only matters if your game is actually something worth playing and not just random liquid poop coming out of a dogs arse.

AND it is free, uncredited and honest.

Well, if you think now "nothing is free", you are correct, you will have to sign a NDA to not publish any of the material I provide you with, since what I do is already some form of curation. My methods have the potential to make a pile of shit look like a decent game and the NDA provides me with the legal foundation to stomp everyone to poverty that throws around with knowledge that not everyone deserves.

Games on Steam I advised on that have more then 1000 reviews: ~70 (~75% average rating)

Idiots that sent me a key for a positive review: 19

You've seen me on the forum?
Not any longer if a mod was already in the thread. Have fun running into knives then.

Instead of trying to clean up the mess that Valves colonteer mods produce on a daily basis, I will now persue them directly. I try to fix stuff that dumb mods do and tell wrongfully to other people on full purpose all the time and I actually contribute and I get banned by the same dumb mods nitpicking on my stuff.

If that is what Valve wants to do to long-term valuable people of the community by their slaves, ok, I have no problem with that, I will just replace actively helping and contributing with making some peoples life as eventful and costly as possible.

I am also developing a game series based on that. That will finance that path of fallen colonteer mods. Stay tuned.

And be careful! DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING what an orange name pukes out, there is a very high chance they are misinforming you on purpose.
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