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Oh. Hi. You're reading this, apparently. Well, I'm not very interesting, there's not much to say. So instead, I'll tell you an anecdote from the perspective of one of my many, many alter egos:


Once I was alone, I went behind the tent again. The plan was simple. Summon Krilagzii for the help sneaking, and his marvelous smoky footpads, and dagger-sharp sight and hearing, cut our way in the back, find what we wanted among her books, then sneak back out the way we came, Mending the hole behind us so as not to leave a trace. All that came next, was the waiting... And waiting... and waiting... I didn't have time for this. I don't have a centuries-long lifespan like some stupid elf. So I listened until she seemed busy in the front with some other customers, and then cut my way in with Krilagzii's claw. Once inside, it didn't take long to find what I wanted because it was right on the table. A thick tome of lore. Barely light enough to be lifted with Mage Hand, I brought it down to my level and dropped it into our arms. It only took a cursory glance to tell that the book was in Undercommon, surprisingly enough. And even better, it was a manual to the planes. Turning a couple pages found Krilagzii's home, the Plane of Fire. I turned and looked at the bookshelf for more, while trying to keep tabs on the progress of Calamity's session outside. In the <scribble> front room. None of the other books were in Undercommon (or Draconic, for that matter), except for a single book with a spine labeled "Calamity". Presumably HER journal, but not the sort of information myself or Krilagzii were looking for. So we snuck back out again, the way we got in, only just barely avoiding her coming back into the back room. With the book, too. "Regarding the Planes and Its Inhabitants". Good read, at least so far. Too bad I'm only borrowing it, this would be a nice resource to have on hand. Back to the situation at hand, though. She noticed the tear immediately, so as soon as I was outside, I quickly cast Expedious Retreat and... expediously retreated, running as fast as a horse at a gallop for as long as Krilagzii's legs held out before taking a breather. We ran through alleys, then we walked...


If you thought that was interesting, want to know the greater context, or you feel like getting in on the action yourself, you should try roleplaying as well. I'm always happy to introduce someone new to Pathfinder and other roleplaying games that actually involve acting in a role. Go ahead, friendlist me, then I can show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes...
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