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. Hi
. My name is Kirill , but chances are , that you will be able to pronounce it the right way are pretty small.
. My music taste. To be honest I like almost any kind of music , I'm perfectly fine with chill music as I am with more intense stuff like heavy metal.
. My favorite song of all time : Yes - Roundabout .
. I'm mostly interested in Bullet Hell & Rogue-lite games.
. I Do not play Terraria with random people , I only play it with my friends that I trust a lot and know that it will be enjoyable to play co-op with them.

★[Enter The Gungeon]

. Enter the Gungeon is by far one of my favorite games of all time , I have played it quite a lot and only planning to improve on it , I already did a no hit all chambers run to lich , speedran the game for several world records and have 100%'d ages ago.


. You can view my speedrunning profile at speedrun.com/user/Wonderis_ , for now it's just Enter the Gungeon but I'm planning on giving some other games a speedrunning shot :) .
. I am also one of the main moderators on speedrun.com/Enter_the_Gungeon , so , if you have any questions regarding the leaderboard or the rules of a speedrun (or perhaps , tips) , I'm always down for answering them ;) .

( σ з σ )ノ

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best speedrunner ever <3
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>haha yes
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>licherally stealing my profile background
really makes my thinks do the thinking huh?
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your profile picture is god tier
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