Donovan   Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
I do things, that consist of other things, which involve those things, which in turn, help the people that you know..

My instagram is: doctor_wolf_
Snapchat is: wolftam3r
My address is: 420 KillYourself Dr.
My phone number is: (555)-555-5555

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My life.
One day, I decided to use my shitty netbook and get steam. This birthed my love for pc games. I started out with Minecraft because...well... Minecraft. I decided then, I need to get some games for steam. So, I went out and got a 20 dollar steam card, and bought world at war. To my surprise, I ran that game on that netbook at around 70 fps low settings... From then on, I decided...PC gaming is going to be my passion. Later on down the road, I met some friends, mostly on Minecraft (Dont judge me... I was 14 .-.). I decided to step up my game, cause at this time, I had a couple of games that ran okay, but not great. I asked my friend for a laptop to borrow, and used that... Couple months down the road, my mother slammed an ice chest into it, and broke the entire thing... Shit. Christmas 2015, I recieved the laptop I use today. That sucker can play Grand Theft Auto V at 40 fps high graphics.... I was so proud. Then one day, I got a cat... That cat then proceeded to run at full speed and knock my laptop off of the table and shatter the screen.... Got that sht fixed, but still. That hurt. I now play games like Huniepop, garry's mod, Dark Souls, Counterstrike, and some other games. At the moment, I'm 17 years old, and I sexually identify as a Box. Dont you dare use pronouns around me or I will cut you.
Some of my quotes.
"are you sure about that?"
"well shit."

Some things about me.
I dont lie.
I dont steal.
When I care about someone, I can't just forget them.
I'm passive aggressive.
I'm not fucking gay.
I love The Flash.
I get horrible anxiety attacks, mostly when im thinking about my friends.
I dye my hair, get over it.
I'm not white for christ's sake. I am an independant red person.


Anyway, that'll do for now. Add me on steam or some shit, I dont fucking care. Degenerate and die you prick.

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