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Did something with backgrounds that one time. If you add me write a comment saying why.
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A step by step guide into transferring your current Steam background into a showcase to show its full glory.
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✦ ATHANH ✦ Vor 5 Stunden 
SloWolfe, I have some question about SBC:
1. In short images style, I see artwork and screenshot can drag unlimited, but when I put them on my profile, they're automatically change to old size (506x506).
We can not do longer with both? So can you limit the drag in short images style?
2. In long images style, its maximum size is equal to artwork + screenshot, right? (mean 506+506=1012).
Can you also limit it as mentioned above? It may be easier for everyone
🎃๖Playedix-ツ👽 Vor 11 Stunden 
Anyone else got fooled by the "View more info" in the description?
♠ St4ck #CS.Money Vor 18 Stunden 
OMG nice profile ♥ got marked as a virus from kaspersky internet security.
Dribble Vor 22 Stunden 
Every one calm down, will be fixed once slo is online, please dont fill slo's comments with the same thing. :)
goodOk Vor 23 Stunden