New Jersey, United States

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Battlenet: DeMoondog107
PSN: SaurDust (I rarely use my PS3...)
Skype: mac.mooney1
Oovoo: Who the fuck uses Oovoo?
Kik: colorpotatoe
Instagram: mac.mooney1
Snapchat: colorpotatoe
Twitter: TheMoondog107
IMPORTANT: Check my twitter for any updates on trips/emergencies and etc. I also post funny stuff on there.
Windows 7 Professional
Core i3-2100
GTX 760
Z77 Extreme4
500GB Western HDD
IMPORTANT: If you're here because you think I hack or you're looking to report me, please note Steam doesn't VAC ban based on reports.

Some screenshots of mine that I find mildly interesting:
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Kodacub 27. dec 2016 kl. 16:14 
he is bee silly gooses and night at dawn and games a n columbus sailed oceans as he trades the ships
nandrolon_decanoate 11. okt 2016 kl. 12:03 
+rep, great trade, perfect person :) happy to trade with you my friend
SHAK 2. okt 2015 kl. 18:10 
good man and good friend :D:steamhappy:
TheMoondog107 3. aug 2014 kl. 18:04 
Disregard all comments below this one, they're very old and but they give me nostalgia so I'll leave them up.
TheMoondog107 19. jun 2013 kl. 20:54 
Valve Devs are releasing a fix for Counter Strike Source! All Zombie Escape, Mini Games, Surf, and etc gamemodes will now work once again! I'll see you guys in fifty years!