<(^) princess dvs
You are all champions in my heart. Please be kind to each other   Israel
רגילונים צאו החוצה רררייייייייייייי
Can merc medic in prem

Quotes and incriminating shit taken out of context:

me [imgur.com] irl

"I have a vest, if I had my arms cut off it would be a jacket" - Mitch Hedberg

"ISIS is pretty gangsta, Tupac would be proud" - Nomps

[09:47] (pinto) how will i know if i got a cute dick you know what im saying

<22:05:23> "EoN" dropped (connection lost)

<Robinz> So does noone want to play updog?
<Xenosbid> fuck is updog
<Robinz> not much, how about you dawg?

luv [imgur.com]

dvs lft 6s: omg xd rawr
yelo: rawr x3c *nuzzles u* xD
dvs lft 6s: Staaaawwwp omg ^~^
yelo: LOLZ sry ~-~ got a bit carried awy tehre :L
dvs lft 6s: It's ok sweety r u still cummin to the bvb and botdf cut your own self concert this weekend :333
yelo: omgzies YES!!!! :OOO #soHype #omg #concert #emogurl #scene #cut4christ #endMyMisery #hashtag #ironicHashtagsAreStillFunny #xD

Daniiga: I am not even on your quotation wall thingy ;_;

* fsi (~fsi@DE05B0CF.AD300F37.ED35DEA0.IP) has joined
<Robinz> happy fsriday
<Xenosbid> happy fsi rthday
<Xenosbid> ahahahahahhahahahahahaha
<fsi> america is almost as bad as Twisted ahahahahahahahahahaha
* fsi has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<Robinz> Omg that jelly bitch

2:06 PM - dm_Yxxo: Hey dvs. We have decided that its best to replace u with Ace for next season cause ur shit and he is good.

dvs | deutschlan.tf: lel gonna punch u @ naziland
Zamparonie: come at me jew
Zamparonie: gona show you waht camping rl meansy
dvs | deutschlan.tf: LOL
dvs | deutschlan.tf: :'D

SDCK! BC : sorry guys, spelly fall asleep in the shower and there is water like everwhere in the house

UHHHHH HARAMBAY: are you done
UHHHHH HARAMBAY: can i have a proper medic in lobby again

Underrr: did you know that owning pics of the dux is illegal in italy? he's basically pasta hitler

Brian: I dipped my mic in fucking milk and like I squezzed the foam thing and like all the milk went on my fucking keyboard

(TEAM) ☢Mega Kill Flames☢ : why nobody pushing the car ?

Rainee: it's so big and thick now


FizzyPug: up all night cosplaying as a disabled communist

Kosuke: Hello im robby i been gay for 76 years and alive for 7 years

Firefly: i had nightmares last night about bin laden bombing my house :(

redwood: שיהיה במזל
redwood: איננשאלה לא תגיע לשנה הבאה יכלב

Cryyy: just because i bm doesnt mean i have ego

00:11:21 Simpatia: good snipers are always hated, cya haters
00:13:53 Simpatia: i cant be mad, im a beast

rane: <3

Stinson_Out | ETF2L.org : dvs is a fucking legend



kKaltUu: there is nothign wrong with a good dick from time to tim

dvs: yeah he's blind deaf and dumb
dvs: in the story
rain★: oh so firefly in tf2

CeeJaey @i61 AD2: ur my biggest kahuna

dvs=manlet(irish retard): ur a hobbit you would kill yourself but you couldnt reach the noose

kosuke merc??: i like the fart taunt lol

redwood: I'm not black you fucking shithead

Cirno: Btw your arrows are sick as fuck dvs

my first official :)

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