https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZBtPf7FOoM   Israel
My whole thing is I just crave attention
Can merc medic in prem prolly idk

Quotes and incriminating shit taken out of context:

"Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV." - Morty
meirl [imgur.com]

3:05 AM - carcass: whats the joke
3:05 AM - dvs: there is no joke man it's post ironic toxic garbage mild dank meme
3:06 AM - carcass: thinking emoji
3:05 AM - dvs: now you're getting it

"I have a vest, if I had my arms cut off it would be a jacket" - Mitch Hedberg

"ISIS is pretty gangsta, Tupac would be proud" - Nomps

[09:47] (pinto) how will i know if i got a cute dick you know what im saying

<22:05:23> "EoN" dropped (connection lost)

<Robinz> So does noone want to play updog?
<Xenosbid> fuck is updog
<Robinz> not much, how about you dawg?

Cookie <3 [puu.sh]

dvs lft 6s: omg xd rawr
yelo: rawr x3c *nuzzles u* xD
dvs lft 6s: Staaaawwwp omg ^~^
yelo: LOLZ sry ~-~ got a bit carried awy tehre :L
dvs lft 6s: It's ok sweety r u still cummin to the bvb and botdf cut your own self concert this weekend :333
yelo: omgzies YES!!!! :OOO #soHype #omg #concert #emogurl #scene #cut4christ #endMyMisery #hashtag #ironicHashtagsAreStillFunny #xD

Daniiga: I am not even on your quotation wall thingy ;_;

speeely | trade.tf : am i the only one who cummed in my gf yesterday?
.O'men : are you 10 ?
dvs lft ugc : nah I came in her too

* fsi (~fsi@DE05B0CF.AD300F37.ED35DEA0.IP) has joined
<Robinz> happy fsriday
<Xenosbid> happy fsi rthday
<Xenosbid> ahahahahahhahahahahahaha
<fsi> america is almost as bad as Twisted ahahahahahahahahahaha
* fsi has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<Robinz> Omg that jelly bitch

22:38:47 Opeen Sq Zamparonie: i wont play wow again

dvs | deutschlan.tf: lel gonna punch u @ naziland
Zamparonie: come at me jew
Zamparonie: gona show you waht camping rl meansy
dvs | deutschlan.tf: LOL
dvs | deutschlan.tf: :'D

SDCK! BC : sorry guys, spelly fall asleep in the shower and there is water like everwhere in the house

UHHHHH HARAMBAY: are you done
UHHHHH HARAMBAY: can i have a proper medic in lobby again

Underrr: did you know that owning pics of the dux is illegal in italy? he's basically pasta hitler

Brian: I dipped my mic in fucking milk and like I squezzed the foam thing and like all the milk went on my fucking keyboard

(TEAM) ☢Mega Kill Flames☢ : why nobody pushing the car ?

Rainee: it's so big and thick now


FizzyPug: up all night cosplaying as a disabled communist

dvs: hi
caiz: hi
caiz: needs a good med on my fl

7:36 PM - Kosuke: Hello im robby i been gay for 76 years and alive for 7 years

Firefly: i had nightmares last night about bin laden bombing my house :(

8:36 PM - redwood: שיהיה במזל
8:36 PM - redwood: איננשאלה לא תגיע לשנה הבאה יכלב

20:04 - mk: fuck me really hard and cripple me

01:27 - dvs: *fucking rapes you in the fucking pisshole~*

Cryyy: just because i bm doesnt mean i have ego

00:11:21 Simpatia: good snipers are always hated, cya haters
00:13:53 Simpatia: i cant be mad, im a beast

Brian: rawr :3

rane: <3

Stinson_Out | ETF2L.org : dvs is a fucking legend

6:26 PM - ʸᵘᶰᵍ ᶜᵃᶤᶻ -iwnl-: when you play csgo with a girl you might aswell say to her to go and hold kitchen

my first official :)

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so this is what ur gonna do rightr
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shittalk behind from me
and then ur gonna think that were friends
and then keep calling me mad?
i was like
"ok they won"
"no biggies we just need to get better"
and ur like
whats your fucking problem with me
holy shit
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