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Alyxa - I live ín:   Australia
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Info - Me                                                                                                Favourite Things
:splash: Age: 24                                                                                                               :splash: Pokemon
:splash: Gender: MtF Trans {Story Below}                                                                      :splash: Star Wars
:splash: Sexuality: Bi / All                                                                                                 :splash: Video Games
:splash: Relationship: Dead To The World                                                                       :splash: Books
:splash: ERP?: No.                                                                                                           :splash: Anime & Manga

Games I have enjoyed the most:
:2015coal: Old School Runescape                [MMORPG]
:2015coal: Mabinogi                                      [MMORPG]
:2015coal: Guild Wars 2                                [MMORPG]
:2015coal: Arma 2 DayZ                               [Zombie Survival]
:2015coal: Grand Theft Auto V                     [MMO-Shooter]
:2015coal: Pokemon Revolution                   [MMORPG; Fan-made]
:2015coal: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim                   [Singleplayer]

Upcoming Games
:2015coal: The Crew 2                                  [MMO-Driving]
:2015coal: Kingdom Come Deliverance        [Singleplayer RPG]
:2015coal: Ashes of Creation                        [MMORPG]

My Story
Okay... So, from a young age; I started to declare myself a girl online, that is when I first started my MtF journey. As of yet though; I am not a girl. Not physically anyway. Sadly I am stuck inside this male body, and I do not know when I will become the girl I wish to be. Money is tight at the moment, and then I have the stress from my family finding out about me, as well as whether or not it will affect my job etc... So, I would prefer it if you treated me as I'd like to be treated. Thank You.

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