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ibb & obb is what you could describe as a puzzle platformer. But it's also much more than that.

I could imagine someone introducing their non-gamer friend into gaming with this. It's easy to understand and a lot of fun to play.
One big-ish complaint though:
When I played it online, we were never able to finish the very last level because of an insane de-sync. I'm not sure if this is fixed by now but locally it shouldn't be a problem to finish!

All in all it's a great game for a reasonable price. If you like coop games and love figuring out puzzles with someone else, this is your game.
Posted November 25.
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Early Access Review
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is so damn fun.
I even built up my hype by waiting until I was done with my exams and stuff and wasn't disappointed at all

If you just want the review, scroll down into the review part

Since I'm studying CS and kinda wanna get into game development, I've made my thoughts on the whole monetization process that's been negatively received around here.

Even though they've made a lot of money through the purchases, they are still just a one-time purchase, even though the servers are expected to run 24/7 so everybody can have a lag-free experience. In reality, this doesn't work together without sustaining the servers which you need money for, so I guess that's why they put in monetization of - skins -

I really don't get why people are so mad about this since you all want to play this game and I haven't read much negative about the gameplay which is how it should be done.
Sure, they said "no monetization until we're out of Early Access" - but nobody can really estimate how much money it'd cost to sustain servers and pay workers and so on when they wrote that text.
It's only cosmetics. CSGO does it, Dota 2 does it, League of Legends does it... It's an old thing that kept games you love up and running.

Review part!
PUBG is a great game, it does many design aspects right.
The sound design is phenomenal and, even though I'm running a fairly old system (see below), I'm getting a steady ~60 FPS once everything loaded. Sure, there can be dips into the 40's, but nothing unplayable. Before you bash me on that - I don't classify anything that doesn't run on at least 120fps playable - usually. But since this is a slow game, 40 fps are enough for running and spotting. Sure, when shooting, I'd love to have 60fps.. But that's nothing I can nitpick. The game is in early access, not very old, and very unoptimized, still. But I'm almost sure that it'll still change for the better.

The Devs of this game are very dedicated. The day after I started playing, they rolled out the first person servers which introduced a lot of lag. They worked day and night to figure out the problem and eventually fixed it in a reasonable time.
Same with Squad First Person - the drop-bug was bugging (heh) me and my friends, but it got fixed very very quickly.

  • Guns are good, can't wait for more to be added, obviously
  • Modes are good, even though I dont play third person anymore for obvious reasons
  • Performance.. it works, but hey, it's early access!
  • Skin-monetization is alright, I don't hate it - I won't buy anything, but I can live with it
  • I personally have encountered 1 possible cheater. While I think that that can happen, it definitely hasn't been more than 1
  • The game is incredibly fun to play with friends, I absolutely don't regret buying it

Really the only thing I can nag about is performance and crashes.. But again, it's early access!

CPU: Intel core i5 2500k @ 4.2GHz
GPU: AMD R9 280X 3GB
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR3 1333MHz
I guess I could mention that it's installed on my HDD, which makes loading in the houses at the airplane drop sometimes problematic, but yeah, that's okay with me
Posted August 14. Last edited August 14.
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The steam controller might look a bit weird at first and definitely feels different than a PS3/PS4/Xbox controller and you will need to get used to it at first, but it is actually pretty damn nice to use.
And for every game on steam there are several configurations already uploaded by the community. Just pick the one you like the most, adjust it if needed and go!

I really can't recommend this controller enough as it is the perfect companion for every PC enthusiast that also wants to play with a controller sometimes.

If configured right, it can be used for every game. Literally!
Posted April 17.
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I never played Harvest Moon or the other games that are similar to Stardew Valley and I never thought I like these kind of games.

My opinion has changed in just one day. At first, I got a GOG Version from a friend to test it out as I thought - man... I will probably play this for one to two hours.. but man, just look at my playtime.

It offers beautiful pixelart-graphics and music, sounds, etc.. as well as LOTS to do. I can't really play open ended games because I find myself in a state of "what to do next? Everything to do is so stupid" and end up doing nothing and never playing again, but so far, I've played this game half a whole day!

Give it a try if you can and see for yourself, if you like it.
(official) Modding support will be added soon as well as a multiplayer.
unofficial modding is already there, just google it!
Posted April 13, 2016.
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Being a good mix between TF2 and Blizzard's Overwatch, Dirty Bomb is a fast paced free-to-play shooter without being overly pay to win. It (currently) offers 6 maps and 2.5 Gamemodes:

- Execution: A CS-Style mode which is exactly like Obliteration in BF4
- Objective: Basically you have to do 3 objectives which vary between maps
- Stopwatch: The same as objective, but in a "who is the better team"-way

Everything can be achieved through farming credits by playing or by paying a huge amount of money, even though paying is not required at all, you can have very much fun without doing so!

The new update seems to be broken somehow, at least its features aren't working quite right, according to reddit.
I, myself, am just unlucky. Very unlucky.

Please patch in a party system for normal matchmaking though, playing with friends is hard when you are more than 2-3 people.
Posted April 13, 2016.
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Cars. Rocketboost. Football! What else do men want? Beer! While Rocket League can't give you beer, you get addicted to it.
I mean, I don't even like football and I am addicted to it!
It is incredibly fun, though friends are recommended

Additional review:
Even after having played this game for such a long time, it's still fun and I can still put countless hours into it. They even patched so many new features in.

Also, psyonix announced workshop support! Yes!
Posted February 14, 2016. Last edited November 24, 2016.
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Early Access Review
I like playing board games. I like playing multiplayer games.
This is the perfect solution and the physics add the last part of the cake!

It is really fun to play with friends you can't play poker or some board game with!
Especially the FLIP DA TABLE function!

It works and has no delay at all (given your internet connection doesn't)

In addition: You can customize an own Board and therefore make "mods" for the workshop. Very nice feature!
Posted August 12, 2014.
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- Good Story
- Gorgeous but demanding graphics! (You'll need a nice PC to run it!)
- A bit open world
- Funny puns
- Lara's ... well .. you know, smartness!
- Awesome death scenes!


- A bit too many quick time events
- The feature of hunting has no real purpose
- Maybe a bit short

Conclusion: If you like exploring dungeons and dying a lot, then you should buy the game at a sale for 7,50€ or 5€ (depending on the edition, the extra skins arent really nice to use)

Edit: I finished the game and I don't think I can say anything else than I said
Posted August 12, 2014. Last edited August 24, 2014.
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Holy hell, what did I expect from the game?

It is short.. but hell, it get's todays problems really well.
It shows how DLC's took overhand of the game which actually features everything the DLC has out of the box!
Its enjoyable and funny, you should try it out!
Posted August 12, 2014.
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Its anno with new stuff, I like it.
If you like strategic RTS with lots of stuff to do, this is your game. The game has new innovative stuff like factions that build on top of our real life problem #1: Pollution and renewable energies. It kind of opened my mind on all that stuff, even though I dont care about it ingame. It made me think about it a bit.. I dont think a game has ever done that to me.

Only downside: UPlay.
Posted August 12, 2014.
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