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Birthday: June 8th
Nationality: British (I live in the US)
Personality: INTP-A/T [i.imgur.com]
Teamspeak: Yes
Discord: Yes
Skype: Yes
Steam Voice Chat: NO!... I mean maybe
Religion(If you actually care): Atheist(Fukugawd)
My Brother: Luke
Languages: English and some German.

"Our faith holds us."

Add me if you wanna play games, or just chat. I'll do whatever, just ask. Also, if you are a dick, I will not hesitate to remove you.
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I can't format for my life

10:20 AM - Ri-Poke: It's not liek that
10:20 AM - Ri-Poke: In the shower

5:30 PM - Artorias: Dude
5:30 PM - Artorias: I'm exactly like an animal
5:30 PM - Artorias: I care about
5:30 PM - Artorias: Food
5:30 PM - Artorias: Fucking
5:30 PM - Artorias: And dying
5:30 PM - Sif: Humans are animals????
5:30 PM - Artorias: We learned that
5:30 PM - Artorias: We sent that to Nat. Geographic
5:30 PM - Sif: What are you on?
5:30 PM - Artorias: PC

6:06 PM - Sif: I like Rapiers
6:06 PM - Artorias: Lets get
6:06 PM - Artorias: raping
6:06 PM - Artorias: OH MY
6:06 PM - Artorias: OMG

6:25 PM - TastyWhyt #PhennecTasty4Admin: You can shove my dick in quicker than a turtle shoves its head in its shell

9:14 PM - Celestius: brb cutting off my dick
9:14 PM - Sherman: wait what
9:14 PM - Sherman: TO GET THE NUTS OFF TOO

4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: Wow
4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: Thanks Dark Souls
4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: Jeremy
4:29 PM - Celestius ♥: Wot
4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: I got Artorius' sword
4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: and
4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: I'm not intelligent enough to use it
4:29 PM - Kaythen ♥: It literally told me I'm too dumb to use a fucking sword

6:29 PM - ♥ Celece: And my mom called me fat because I told her to get me food
6:29 PM - ♥ Celece: I was upsetti

I MAIN MERCY [i.imgur.com] IDC

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Caren Apr 23 @ 8:47am 
I wish you an amazing Sunday!

Oh, I also made a new youtube channel.
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Thank you again !
Caren Apr 21 @ 6:41am 
I wish you a great weekend, have fun!

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Your Caren.

Caren Apr 19 @ 4:41am 
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Your Caren!

♥ Celece Apr 18 @ 6:13am 
Ran in easier than Grandma's pussy on Valentines Day.
Caren Apr 14 @ 3:11am 
I wish you a nice weekend, with lots of fun and exciting moments !

Thank you for being my friend, I hope you will always stay healthy and happy and if you need someone, I'll always be here for you!

♥ Celece Apr 11 @ 1:00am 
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