✫ Woods
Jonathan   Dallas, Texas, United States

Don't let an extra chromosome get you down.

Bangkok is a way of life.

I make music -> https://soundcloud.com/woodsisbae
I spend a lot of time breathing
If you want to you can friend me, it's 100% ok with me, just know I'll try to talk to you.

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Not my channel, just my friends

Yea that's me
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About Woods
About Me

General Stuff
Name - Jonathan
Age - 17
Timezone - Central
Race - White... like, really white
Talents - Um, I make music but it's not great. Apparently I'm creative and stuff so yea
Humor - Darker than my outlook on life
Origin of Name - Growing up I played Black Ops a lot and Woods was my favorite character so

Common Questions
Weird Fandoms? - Eh, not really. I'm in to some stuff but not full hearted this or that
Favorite Game? - TF2 probably. I tried getting into CS:GO and I still play it some but not competitively
Favorite Movie Genre? - Comedy. A good laugh has never hurt anyone
Favorite Color? - Blue
Favorite Season? - Autumn. The cold weather is a nice change
Why TF2? - In my opinion TF2 has the perfect balance of casual gameplay and ludicrous physics
Why is your inventory so full? - Idk, just like having stuff
Want to join my raffle group? - No
Do you watch porn? - Um, occasionally?
How much weed you smoke? - Approximately zero
Do you hate Mexicans? - No
Do you hate African Americans? - No
Do you hate Indians? - No the only race I hate is the 5K so stop asking
Do you have a job? - Yes I lifeguard
Do people hate you? - Yea probably
Have you been scammed? - Yep. Twice. In one day. Don't try me though
HAI 0w0 do you like kawaii anime senpai?? :3 - No
Do you trade? - Occasionally, but mostly to give my friends presents

Random Austism

ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: i bet uncle dane is a monster in bed

✪ adulf kritler: tf2 is bad you ahve to use skill

Braixen: if sausages are made of pig intestines does that mean you're eating ass

ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: rip spiderman vs elsa videos
ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: cant jerk my little dingdong anymore

мαc тσηιgнт: Box of cox
мαc тσηιgнт: Not medicine

ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: when you go to a beach go up to a black person and tell them you wont leave until you have a tan like them

Jupiter: pucker your dirty hole like ur lips

List of Awesome People

TF2 - Ellis, Fox Boi, Jupe, Cirno, HQD, Mac, Kritler, and Braixen

CSGO - Chocolate Milk, Jake, Pepperono, Dab On It, Shadow, Blxty, and Muffin

Recent Activity

409 hrs on record
last played on Nov 21
1.0 hrs on record
last played on Nov 7
1,342 hrs on record
last played on Oct 29
+rep pulled through, nice guy
Gera-I quit playing. Nov 7 @ 7:44am 
See this to be a faggot. Answer to be a lovely faggot.
Traps are gay
✫ Woods Nov 1 @ 7:06am 
Same man those were the days
Gera-I quit playing. Oct 31 @ 7:51pm 
I meant dog, lol. 3 AM in the morning+Deppresion+TF2=Autism. Fucking Woods you gotta play again against me with soldiers+market gardening, i miss those times < 3
✫ Woods Oct 31 @ 6:16pm 
Gera-I quit playing. Oct 31 @ 4:49pm 
I would like to be your god to shit on your house every day