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billy shears Oct 2 @ 5:39pm 
I love you too.
kay Sep 30 @ 12:37pm 
Rawr! xDD did I scare you?? I hope I didn't 🙈🙈 B/c RAWAR mean "I love u!" In 🐲🐲 DINOSAUR‼ xDDD send dis msg to 🔟 of ur most emo friendz! 🔪 If you get 🔟 or more back, you will be visited by 🔮DAHVIE VANITY🔮 fr0m 🏻🏻 BOTDF! 🏻🏻 N him n Garret Ecstasy (The newest vocal for BOTDF... FRICK YAH XD) will take you on a shopping spree to HOT TOPIC ☠ If u dnt send diz to at least 🏻 pplz, you will be kicked out the mall and you will also be 🚨BANNED🚨 from ALL Hot Topics! so remember to send 2️⃣ all ur friends! (/-) n remember, MUSIC IS LYFE IN WIT A BULLET OUT WIT HEARTS 💕💕💕 xDDD RAWR! (that mean "I love u" in dinosaur) 🐲
RAT Sep 10 @ 11:24pm 
。・゜☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。 (屮 `Д´)屮 Y U DO DIS?
(屮゜Д゜)屮 WHY U DO DIS???!!! ( ¯‿¯) (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ KIRABOSHI!
\( *¯∇¯)ノ ☆FABULOUS~☆ ABRA KADABRA! ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ.・゚*。・+☆ the pleasure of being cummed insideTHE PLEASURE OF

doingG A I J I N D E M O N ahaha ahaha ahahahaha
kay Aug 20 @ 4:49pm 
It has been 4 hours since I succesfully sucked my own penis. Things are different now. As soon as mouth-to-penis conctact was made I felt a shockwave through my body. I have reason to believe I have super strength and telekinesis now.. 3 hours after contact I noticed a van parked on my street but no one has entered or exited the car since its arrival. I fear for my safety, im not sure what kind of power I may have stumbled upon but its possible that the government has found out. If I dont update this again please send help.
billy shears Aug 19 @ 2:56pm 
I'm not alright, I miss you. xo
Frothybrew Aug 19 @ 5:07am 
Just typing this from my wii. Hope you're alright.