[TestBot] Wasda3
Trade offer link Trading requires the API; check status here: https://steamgaug.es/ or https://steamstat.us/
Pricelist available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxh7-c5qi3p4T1dWNXJKblNiVjA/view?pref=2&pli=1

See http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/26599888 for the manually priced items.

Use CTRL+F to search for the item you want to buy/sell.
Buy price is the price the bot pays you.
Sell price is the price you pay.
All prices are in TF2 keys.

Gifted items are not accepted, unless present on the list.
There is no guarantee that an item on the list will still be on the list after the next price update.
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How to use this bot
N.B. Both your profile status and inventory should be set to public in your privacy settings. Your account should also be at least 6 months old AND either be at least level 10 or have at least 10 non-free games. You must also have enabled the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for at least 7 days.
Your friend request/trade offer will be declined if you fail to meet these requirements.
You will be blocked if you are banned any of the sites listed on rep.tf, regardless of the reason.
Note: friend requests/trade offers will be declined if SR, TF2OP or bp.tf is offline.

This bot is restarted every day at midnight (CE(S)T) the autogenerated prices are also updated then.
If the bot is just "online" (friendlist status) then it failed to login properly (restart required)
Bot is sometimes online in friendlist, but actually offline (check profile page) (manual restart required)

You can either send a trade offer (faster) or do a normal trade.
Please do not put up your items in the trade window to check the price. Please check the price beforehand on the pricelist. CTRL+F is you friend here. Only marketable items are accepted. Also, it is wise to check my inventory before you start a trade and spam add commands.
Trade offers sometimes get declined eventhough correct amount is selected; add the bot instead or try again after a few minutes.

Bot is unresponsive if it is in-game. (it is crafting/smelting some metal)
It is also unresponsive while it is adding items in the trade. Do not spam commands while it's adding items, it may cause the trade to time out.

Get the enhanced trade offer script [forums.backpack.tf] to add keys/metal conveniently and see a quick summary of the items in the offer.

How to use normal trades (all commands are to be used without quotes [ " ]):
1) Type "trade" in this chat.
2) Add the items you want to sell or request the items you want to buy with: add item name; total amount
Example: add the bitter taste of defeat and lime; 2
Example: add pink as hell
Default: amount 1
Note: semicolon [ ; ] between item name and amount is required.
3) Say "ready" in the trade chat for the bot to put up keys/metal.
4) Wait for the bot to ready up and accept the trade.
Instead of using normal trades, sending a trade offer also works and is probably faster.

Bot chat commands:
help (or h) - gives brief instructions on how to use this bot
help addremove - gives additional information on the add/remove command
api - lists API status of TF2, CS:GO and DOTA
stock (or s) - lists the bot's current amount of keys and metal, also reloads inventory
price (or p) - link to the price list
outpost (or op) - link to my outpost trade
key price (or kp) - lists the key price
trade (or q) - adds you to the trade queue, gives your position if already in the queue
optional parameters are: tf2 (default), csgo, dota
e.g., q tf2 csgo
Note: you can only trade items of a specific game if you entered the queue for it. (you need at least 1 item in your inventory of the game you're enqueuing for)
queuelength (or ql) - gives the queue length (does not add you to the queue)
dequeue (or dq) - removes you from the queue
all commands (or ac) - this list

Trade window commands:
ready (or r) - the bot will add the required keys/metal
add/remove item name; amount - adds/removes the requested item (use "help addremove" for more information)
remove all (or ra) - bot removes everything from the trade

Trade offer message parameters:
no convert (or nc) - the bot will not convert the metal it needs to give you into keys


1) If you send a friend request to the bot and receive the following message:

"This user's profile settings prevent you from contacting them at this time."
then you are marked a scammer on SteamRep, or banned on TF2OP/backpack.tf and you are blocked from using the bot.

"Error adding friend. Please try again."
then you didn't meet the requirements for using this bot.
Please check your profile and inventory status.
To solve this error block and unblock the bot.

2) The queue is stuck

Dequeue and queue again.
Or, just send a trade offer.

Not sure what causes this yet.

3) The trade times out a lot.

Check the Community/TF2 API status here: https://steamgaug.es/
If the either the Community or TF2 API is down you can try again later or try sending a trade offer.

4) The bot gets ready without adding any metal

There was an error while loading your inventory.

Cancel the trade and requeue.

5) Trade Offer errors.

If you get an error 26 you should refresh the page. (the items you selected are already traded away)

For any other error:
Check your inventory capacity and the bots inventory capacity.
Log out and log back in.
Make sure you didn't trigger steam guard.
If this doesn't work you can try again later.

6) Trade offer is declined instead of counter offered.

You might not meet the requirements.
False positive for not meeting the requirements, due to unstable Steam API.
You have 5 pending trade offers.
You tried to trade too many items at once.
You tried to sell overstocked items.
It also sometimes declines offers for reasons unknown to me.

Check if you meet the requirements, if you do, try again in a few minutes.
Reduce your pending trade offers.
Try to trade less items at once.
Send the trade offer for the exact amount.
Send a one sided trade offer.

7) Trade offer is not responded to.

The bot can sometimes not accept an offer due to steam errors 20 and 28.
It is possible that the trade is already accepted, but steam is slow. Check your inventory history

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Let us give our tributes to this poor bot.... It's inactivity has made me cry every night because i can't see him decline one of my trades again, i miss the times when i spammed commands and our chat would flood... rest in peace