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Please don't add me in hopes of joining me for anything, I simply am too busy creating videos for everyone to enjoy and am unable to do public game sessions. While I'd love to play with everyone who asks, I just cant. :(
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[TKIC-J]slypig24 Feb 14 @ 4:06pm 
any one know were i can get some mods ? wanders chanle does not work for me some resone and i would like to get them
JoanemGolem Feb 14 @ 5:12am 
Somebody add me on steam so that we can play Battlebots in Scrap Mechanic! Im always on!!!
Mini_coopa2 Feb 13 @ 5:50pm 
hey wander, ive noticed that you are streaming concurrently to this comment however i have made a wind-up mega wheel for you to use http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=863684171
Atlas Games Feb 10 @ 10:27pm 
about what you said about people joining your friends on the scrapzilla video why do they bother if they want to contact you why not do what im doing now + i like Scrap Mechanic and am pretty good at it and find your vidios funny and i dislike how people have been doing that with your steam friends.
Lord lima bean Feb 9 @ 6:51pm 
Hey man, mind adding me? I'm a bit of friends with scrap man, a bit off and on with brent batch, friends with sml chief engineer (a smallish channel you prolly don't know) and ottonl, among others, and I do many insane builds all the time, seriously, just look at my youtube!
coltensell1 Feb 8 @ 1:38pm 
how do you donload mods