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-=My one VAC ban=-

I got VAC banned 620 days ago (as of 8/23/2016) Was due to my stupidity. A while ago I got mods for a game named Rust. Funny thing was I launched the game the mods did work so I joined a server. About 5 minutes later.... YOU have been VAC banned. I have learned my lesson ever since.

About me

Hi I'm a American gamer who loves to play Survival/P.v.P/Horror type games! I love to coop and would enjoy company with other people like you! I like my fair share of Anime, if you are angry that I like..no that I LOVE anime I frankly don't care at all, I'm a weeb and I'm proud. I spend most of my time indoors but I like to go hangout with my friends from school. My favorite animal is cats, I have 2 cats and 2 dogs.

My top favorite anime's

1| NouCome (This is an anime that is probably the most hilarious show I've ever watched in my entire life! It's about this guy who gets cursed with "Absolute Choices" that means at random times he is given choices, generally two choices. He goes out through the season being given crazy and embarrassing choices that he has to choose in school.)

2| Sword Art Online (Probably the most loved/hated anime's out there.)


4| Trinity Seven

5| Is This A Zombie?

My top favorite television shows

1| Supernatural

2| Breaking Bad

3| Psych

4| Malcolm In the Middle

5| Orange Is the New Black

My top favorite games

1| Rust (I specialize in building and farming, I can do P.v.P but it's not my strong suit) | RATING: 8/10

2| PAYDAY 2 | RATING: 7.5/10

3| The Culling (This game is loads of fun but people are pretty good at it. I would recommend it) | RATING 6/10

4| Miscreated (Better than every other survival game that focuses on the P.v.P element besides Rust) | RATING 6/10

5| Ark Survival Evolved (This game is only getting better in my opinion) | RATING: 6/10

I try to not have too many friends in my friends list but all that are on it they are good friends to me :) If you want to friend me I will most likely accept it! Well that's about it! I hope you enjoyed my bio.
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