Rui G.   Porto, Portugal
Investor, Collector and Trader.

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Steam Card Sets Up For Trade
1:275 Gems

5x Snik [www.steamcardexchange.net]
3x They Came From The Moon [www.steamcardexchange.net]
3x Why So Evil [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x Cube Master: Light Adventure [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x The Decimation of Olarath [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x Starship: Nova Strike [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x Oldschool tennis [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x North Side [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x GooCubelets [www.steamcardexchange.net]
2x Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Why So Evil 2 [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Outrunner [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Pressured [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Phat Stacks [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x The Descendant [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Wyatt Derp [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Wyatt Derp 2: Peacekeeper [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x GooCubelets 2 [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Break Into Zatwor [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Absconding Zatwor [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Fiends of Imprisonment [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Head Shot [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Shake Your Money Simulator 2016 [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Invisible Mind [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Sleengster [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x CRACKHEAD [www.steamcardexchange.net]
1x Bold New World [www.steamcardexchange.net]

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AWP - Dragon Lore (Crown Foil) (FN 0.0149)
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