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Dec 11 @ 12:13pm
In topic v261 Changelog
  • Raised hook wrecking ball mode speed threshold from 5 to 15 speed. This makes the wrecking ball mode give you away less when stealthing, and it makes it a bit less sensitive in the low speeds.
  • Reduced the protective surface limit of the Energy Shield. It now protects 8 pixels less in the upwards direction and 4 pixels less in the downwards direction. This new limit more accurately matches the graphics. The old surface size was 55, the new is 43, so a reduction in size of 22%.
  • Energy Shield now has proper feedback when hit online, both visual and audio.
  • Energy Coil now has correctly synced feedback when hitting targets.Also
  • Energy Coil push force increased by 25%.
  • Energy Coil mass factor reduced by 50% (meaning is will be even stronger)
  • Energy Coil gripless amount (the amount of control-loss for the target) now ignores mass.
  • Made the disable abilities effect on Stun Gun more reliable.
  • Weapons dropped during warmup now disappear after 30 seconds.
  • During a match round, if you are AFK for more than 45 seconds, you will now receive an AFK warning under your character. It will increase in opacity over 15 seconds. When the warning time runs out you will be moved to spectators. When you get back there will be a message on your screen saying “You were moved to spectators”.

Bug Fixes:
  • Created a workaround for the player stuck in spawn bug.
  • Added a small workaround for the Chrono Alternator damage bug.
  • Fixed spelling error in button message.
  • Fixed bug where entering a door at end of round could cause you to spawn at the door when the next round starts.
  • Made some window resolution resize operations less buggy.
  • Fixed main menu not resizing correctly when resolution is changed when menu is hidden.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Fixed crash related to being kicked.

  • Added “Join Discord” Button under cancel in the matchmaking popup.
  • Added “Hide Full” and “Hide Empty” to server browser.
  • Changed “Show only matching version” to “Hide differing version”
  • Added tool-tips for camera settings that explain what they mean.
Dec 7 @ 11:37am
In topic Let's share our main loadout shall we?
Edited! thanks
Dec 6 @ 2:24pm
In topic Rail Defender
It disappeared when we removed the EMP-mechanics from the game, which got cut to make the game tighter and more focused.

There is still room to add new weapons to the game, do you have any preferences?
Dec 6 @ 9:41am
In topic Let's share our main loadout shall we?
A Scimitar, Jet.
Fly up above the enemy forces, observe them. Wait for an opportunity to swoop down and strike, for example when they are reloading.

Dynamites, just 2 of them!
Find some enemies, try to throw them as far as possible so that they explode the moment they appear on the screen.

Healing Dispenser. Sword.
Jump in the fray, spread out the dispensers, go for the stab. When you die, hopefully you will revive yourself for a second surprise attack!
Quick guide written by Janeator from the discord channel[]:

To made Cobalt WASD maps, you currently need the original Cobalt game and this secret closed beta code: "everythingcanbreak".

Start up Cobalt, select "Launch Game Editor" and then follow these tips:

Originally posted by Janeator:
You can make maps and upload them to the WASD workshop so you can play them. Currently they cannot be tested in the editor. To upload for WASD simply select Cobalt WASD where it says "Workshop: Cobalt" in the Workshop menu (Ctrl + W). Remember you'll need to save & restart the editor so you can upload. When saving the map, the prefix should be js_ . The gamemode should be set to jointStrike, and you should add the Alliance (metalfaces) and Collective (protobots) teams. I recommend adding no music. For the spawns, place the ones named "Spawn Point" from the Actors tab (and not the ones named Dynamically Ownable Spawn Point). Set their teams on the right-click menu "Spawn: "spawnpoint"". In the "Sensors & Triggers" tab you will find the adjustable area triggers for "Deploy" (bomb sites) and "Buy Zone" (shops). Those can be adjusted like you would a camera zone (select them, then you can grab the edges of the area). Place Buy Zones in the spawns, and set them to the correct team. Place Deploy areas (recommended 2) and place them wherever you want, setting the team to "Collective" in the right-click menu "tile: "deployBackpack"". You should also choose an unique letter for them (A usually on top, B usually at the bottom/closer to protobots). The last step is to choose which area should be represented by the minimap. For this, pick the Minimap area tile from the "Special" tab, and adjust it to fit the whole playable area like you did for the buy and deploy zones.
Dec 6 @ 8:31am
In topic Favourite Weapon Poll!
Tick your favourite weapons!

Cobalt WASD Favourite weapon poll[]
Dec 6 @ 8:22am
In topic Who made this game?

Me (thewreck) and kinten have been the developers on this game.
We are two out of three part of a indie game studio called Oxeye Games Studio.
The development of Cobalt WASD was funded by Oxeye Games Studio.
To release the game, we are collaborating with Mojang.
Mojang is owned by Microsoft.

Oxeye Games Studio consists of:
  • Jens Bergensten AKA jeb_ --Founder and equal owner of Oxeye Games Studio.
  • Pontus Hammarberg AKA kinten --Equal owner of Oxeye Games Studio.
  • Daniel Brynolf AKA thewreck --Equal owner of Oxeye Games Studio.

Check out this video to listen to us talk about the reasoning behind the game
Dec 6 @ 8:14am
In topic For Cobalt Alpha Supporters.
Did you support Cobalt back in the Alpha-days? You remember when you had a Mojang-account and you bought games on the Mojang page?

Then you are in luck. We want to honor your long-standing support by giving you Cobalt WASD for free! If you already bought it, consider it a free gift-code.

All you need to do is to login to your mojang account [] and the key should be redeemable under your games section.
Dec 6 @ 8:09am
In topic Come join the Discord community!
Cobalt WASD and Cobalt has a community ran discord channel which you can find by following this link:
Community Discord[]

In it, we have discussion channels and voice rooms! Examples include:
  • #general --for all your discussion needs.
  • #tournament --organize a community tournament!
  • ]#mapmaking --for your map making needs! Many pinned posts here explain the basics.
  • #modding --contains pinned posts with API-docs and well as people showcasing their work in progress.
  • #hi-scores --people posting hi-scores for workshop maps, mostly about cobalt!
  • #streaming --are you streaming? Post here!
  • #fanart --post your best creations.
  • #support --fast and easy help with troubling issues.
  • #bug_report --found a bug? Post it here, we appreciate the help!
  • #feedback_and_suggestions --something needs a tweak? Something is OP? Tell us about it here!
  • #addme --add me on steam! post profiles.
  • #off_topic --unrelated to cobalt.
  • #dance_fever --what are you listening to?
  • #bot_stuff --check your rank with our discord bot - become a metalface today!
Dec 6 @ 8:01am
In topic WASD vs Cobalt
Cobalt WASD is a Cobalt Spin-off that explores these areas:
Cobalt WASD
  • WASD controls + mouse aim.
  • One player per computer, you alone control the camera.
  • Online focus.
  • Team based asymmetric game mode where one team plants the bomb and one team defends.
  • Suit-based ability game-play where you activate bullet-time and bullet-deflection through the use of an active ability.
  • Round-based economy where you buy suits, melee weapons, ranged weapons, explosive weapons, grenades, movement equipment and vehicles.
  • Damage multipliers for hits to different body parts.
  • Subscribe to and play workshop maps, mods.

Cobalt is the original game upon which Cobalt WASD is based on.
  • Arrows keys and/or gamepad support.
  • Local multiplayer with multiple gamepad players playing on the same screen.
  • Story focus
  • Challenge focus
  • Survival focus
  • Arcade brawl focus
  • Permanent bullet-time system where bullet slow down as they come close to you
  • Bullet-deflection gameplay where you deflect bullets by rolling into them,
  • Map editor, Mod editor. Publish to workshop support for both WASD and Cobalt.

Cobalt is getting an update soon, it will add these following features:
  • Support for playing workshop maps online.
  • Support for workshop mods online.
  • Support for dedicated servers.
Dec 5 @ 9:29am
In topic Fatal Error on startup
This has been fixed in v260!
There was a problem with mods in the release version. Sorry about that!
Dec 5 @ 7:34am
In topic should i buy this one or the original?
It it helps you decide:

Cobalt is also going to get a big update which will add custom map support for online, as well as mod support for online play, as well as a bunch of other polish and bug fixes.
Dec 5 @ 7:33am
In topic price ?
Price is 6.99$ / 6.99€
From the top of my head:

Soldat similarities
  • WASD controls + mouse aim.
  • Melee weapons, ranged weapons, explosive weapons, grenades.
  • Different damage multipliers for hits to different body parts.
  • Team based gameplay.

Soldat differences
  • Different themes, robots/cyborgs vs soldiers.
  • Space-science-fiction-weapons vs realistic war weapons.
  • Bomb plant vs capture the flag.
  • Buy equipment with economy system vs pick equipment for free on each respawn.
Dec 4 @ 2:04pm
In topic Wrecking ball damage to Hook added!
This is a new feature in v260.
Please try it out and tell us what you think.

Will it affect round one purchase decisions?
Dec 4 @ 12:15pm
In topic WTF were they thinking?
With the modding api coming out now, and once the Cobalt update hits, you will be able to add WASD + mouse aim to the original cobalt through a mod, so there is always that =D
Jan 23 @ 3:20am
In topic Codename Lithium mod?
It is happening, but since we have been working on many new features for this, it is taking some time.

Dedicated servers, much improved modding, wasd + mouse overhaul, new shops, more ai.

No date for release just yet however.

here is a quick screeny:
another way to get into the game is to hover over the game in the taskbar until the small preview appears, hover over the preview -> right click -> maximize. From there you should be able to enter the settings again and change the resolution
Apr 14, 2016 @ 5:40am
In topic Appcrash :(
Are you running the game in a virtual system?

Can you run: dxdiag.exe - > "Save All Information" and upload that file somewhere?

What are your system specs?
I have gotten this too something, but every time i want to try and reproduce it to fix it, i can never reproduce it. Are there any circumstances that you know makes it happen?
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