Chris Johnson   New York, United States
Please comment before you add me, nerds.
I love spooky ghosties...Boo!

I play hard. I trade hard. I sell hard. No one balls as hard as Vox. No one has balls as hard as Vox. Iron balls. Balls.

Proud owner of a few amazing items:

Level 18 Mannceaux Signature Haunted Ghosts Villain's Veil (50000+ Points scored)
Level 18 Mannceaux Signature Villain's Veil (15000 Points scored)
Another Mannceaux Signature Villain's Veil (30000 Points scored)
Mannceaux Signature Outback Intellectual (15000 Points scored)
Level 18 Mannceaux Signature Bird-man of Aberdeen (15000+ Points scored)
Mannceaux Signature Professor Speks (15000 Points scored)
Mannceaux Signature Ghastlieriest Gibus (15000 Points scored)
Mannceaux Signature Archer's Groundings (15000 Points scored)
Mannceaux Signature Summer Shades (15000+ Points scored)
Hale's Own Hitman's Heatmaker
Hale's Own Sniper Rifle
Hale's Own Australium Sniper Rifle
Hale's Own AWPer Hand
Hale's Own Machina

I like Level 18 items.
I own:
Level 18 Strange Bonk Boy
Level 18 Strange Sight For Sore Eyes
Level 18 Strange Fancy Dress Uniform
Level 18 Strange Toss-Proof Towel
Level 18 Strange Bird-man of Aberdeen (Mannceaux Select!)
Level 18 Strange Teddy Roosebelt
Level 18 Strange Villain's Veil (Mannceaux Select!)
Level 18 Strange Unusual Villain's Veil (Haunted Ghosts/Mannceaux Select!)
Level 18 Strange Archimedes
Level 18 Strange Camera Beard

I also own Vox Diabolus #18 (GET IT, CUZ MY NAME LOLOLOL)
and Huntsmans Essentials #18 (Thanks Yeow!)

Unusuals I've owned: a lot

I also crafted Brutal Bouffant #5 :D

Trade offers - Use this link to send me a trade when I am offline/away
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Things losers sent me

Jackawa ◆: why am I autistic

rob: i imagine
rob: tthat chodes are good for fucking
VoxDei: hahaha
VoxDei: is that something you actually imagine
rob: well the girth must be nice

G»M | DrZoidy: "It was a typical day, I was playing TF2 for 13 hours straight and across the map, I see this beautiful australian man, VoxDei. His hair looking as if it was had some sort of green flames beaming from his head. As he slowly, majesticly walked towards me, he effortlessly made jaws drop to the floor. We're only feet away now, I close the distance and ours eyes meet. He says "gfto out of my pub ur unusual isnt even good".

Competitve Experience
UGC Page [www.ugcleague.com]

S9 - Starting Demo for STRS (UGC Iron)
S11 - Backup Demo for 18+ (UGC Steel)
S12 - Backup Demo for 18+ (UGC Steel)
S13 - Starting Demo for 18+ (UGC Silver)
S14 - Starting Sniper for 18+ (UGC Silver - missed half of season)
S15 - Starting Sniper for Jeebus (UGC Silver) 1st place and All-star
S16 - Benchwarmer for Team WLLY (UGC Gold)
S17 - Starting Sniper for Gibus to the Max (UGC Gold)
S18 - Backup Medic for Goofbirds (UGC Platinum) + UGC Gold Caster and writer for tenXtv and The Killer Exlcusive TF2
S19 - Backup Medic for appel on suicide watch + Man Crush Monday (UGC Platinum)
S20 - Literally on Suicide Watch + Backup Sniper/Medic for Man Crush Monday (UGC Platinum)
S21 - Starting Medic for Kit Redus and the Deathly Hallows (UGC Platinum)

Regarding Outpost Appeals and Tickets or any Outpost related question.
I have now retired from TF2Outpost, please don't contact me regarding it.

Some more information
I am a former admin on TF2Outpost. If you're adding me to trade, feel free to do so, or send a trade offer using the link below!

Buy my crap for money pls on Marketplace

Useful Links:
TF2Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com] - Where to go to see what I'm selling
SourceOP Reputation [forums.sourceop.com] - My cash trading reputation
Trade offers - Use this link to send me a trade when I am offline/away
Marketplace [marketplace.tf] - Buy TF2 items safely with Google Wallet/Paypal

The only items up for trade are those listed on trading websites such as TF2Outpost and r/tf2trade.
Those 10 items in my showcase are examples of things that are NOT for trade. Abusing the trade offer link will result in you getting blocked.
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Da best
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we should have never made the thread open to outside contributions
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have you tried googling 'hmmmmm ooommm yea yea'?
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day 1 homie
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