Daan   Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands

Ye, salt is great with vinegar. Make that joke again pls..

I play on a latop from 2012 and still get 121 fps per second. How is game not optimalized?

Times I spilled a whole beer on it: 9 times and counting

UGC page:
ETF2L page:

Mediocre scout play:

Deutchlan HL tournament
- 2th lan Iro+8 Class: Spy

UGC Highlander
- Season 15 Iron, RealGames, Class: Spy
- Season 16 Steel, Gold Rathians, Class: Spy
- Season 17 Silver, Delta Cat, Class: Engie (shit team)
- Season 17 Steel, AOT Class: Engie
- Season 18 Silver, Candy Wrapper, Class: Spy
- Season 19 Plat, Where the food @ Class: Spy
- Season 20 Gold, Candy Wrapper Class: Spy
- Season 21 Plat, Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Class: Spy
- Season 22 Plat, Xenon Class: Spy

UGC 4s
- Season 4 Steel, Team 6D, Class: Whatever (4s, right?)

ETF2L Highlander
- Season 8 Open, Gold Rathians, Class: Spy
- Season 9 Open, Gold Rathians, Class: Spy, Engineer
- Season 10 Mid, P-O Class: Engie
- Season 11 Mid, Alle Neune Class: Spy (rip)
- Season 11 Open, Kaas9 Class: w/e
- Season 12 Mid, Xenon Class: Spy

ETF2L 6s
- Season 22 Open, Mossy Dicks, Class: Scout
- Season 23 Open, Pocket Rocket Class: Roster rider :P
- Season 24 Open, Lmao Class: Scout
- Season 25 Open, A German and a half Class: Medic

Dutch National Engie (fml)

- Iron playoffs season 15
- 1st place ETF2L Open season 9
- Silver playoffs season 18
- 4th place Dlan
- Gold playoffs season 20
- Open playoffs season 11

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Hello everyone! I'm Andis, and welcome to today's cooking show! On this
episode, we will be making a classic, yet somewhat modern Soap Cake! Now
I know what you're thinking, who in their right mind wants a soap
cake!? But we're not in our right mind so that's A-OK! But enough about
that, let's get started! For ingredients, you will need cake mix, eggs,
butter, milk, the most fucked up route in existence, and some fine
quality soap. Begin by mixing all of the ingredients in a bowl, and add
extra soap for extra taste! Now that you are all mixed, put that bad boy
in the oven for 30 seconds, and think about the scrumptious cake that
will soon caress your taste buds. Once baked, take that moist cake out
of the oven and slather it in some icing, strawberries, and extra soap
for good measure. Once done, give it to your favorite friend and be
prepared to experience true rejection. Well, that's it for today's
episode, until next time, stay squeaky!
strezz May 4 @ 4:12am 
funny cunt
Le MattJ. May 3 @ 5:30am 
14:25:28 Vinegar: if i dont connect to the server im prob ded
14:25:32 Canlock lft: xdd
14:25:42 Vinegar:
14:25:55 30.06: g
14:26:24 MattJ.: They tried to allah akbar the store
14:27:59 Vinegar: They tried to rob a store with guns and a bombvest
14:28:02 Vinegar: Or so it seems
14:28:07 Vinegar: 1 guy is cuahgt
14:28:14 MattJ.: If you don't gibe me de money I kill myself
14:28:14 Vinegar: 1 or 2 more are still hiding
14:28:18 MattJ.: "smart man"
14:28:52 Canlock lft: are you sure it is a bomb not a hand greande ? xd
14:29:23 Vinegar: Oh
14:29:30 Vinegar: I have to evacuate
14:29:33 Vinegar: have fun guysXD
14:29:34 MattJ.: <ut
14:29:37 MattJ.: lol
14:29:54 Canlock lft: they got the vinegar :c
VOLTAIC Apr 23 @ 6:32am 
+rep drink king