Barn Owl   Southern Finland, Finland
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•••••••••• How in the hell do you spell the noises made by a fox? ••••••••••
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If I know who you are, you can add me! Otherwise keep reading:

Do not add me randomly
I don’t like people enough to have random people on my friend list.
It’s only meant for people I know or play games with.

I don’t accept friend requests without a reason!

Do not add me for trading!
I'm not a trader, but if you want to trade something with me, leave a message or send me a trade offer:

You still want/need to add me?
Type a message in my profile, telling me why you’re adding me.
I won't accept you without a comment.
Really, I don't care for random retards who can't read.

I removed you or am I going to do so?
This is for the ones who I had to add.
I seriously don't like having people on my friend list. If I feel like I have too many dudes on my list,
I’ll mercilessly remove the ones I don’t feel connected to
- aka if we don’t talk, play or interact with each other, it’s bye-bye.
Please, don't fucking add me back. I'm happy to get rid of you, trust me.

Shortly about me?
I’m a very ladylike lady – yeah, right.. - from Finland.
I speak Finnish as my native language and I'm decent enough in English.
My birthday is 6th of May and I’m an adult.

I'm a shitty friend, no joke. I won't talk to you
- unless you make the effort to start the conversation

Eh, other than jokingly making this profile sound like I'm a huge asshole
- not that I'm lying - I'm a quite chill dude.

I'm polite and nice - seriously, this profile info is just suppose to keep extra people away from me.
I would never be rude in a conversation. I'm a decen't human being.

Also, fuck off here if you dare

- ᴠɪᴅᴀʀʏ

"You make me wanna kill myself more than I already do, and I love it"
- Sweetest thing said to me
Currently Online
Artwork Showcase
Competitive TF2

Uh, I’m playing competitive TF2 - Here are my links, teams, seasons and "accomplishments".
I mainly play medic, but at some point, I want to try scout on 6s.
Definitely a no-name atm, not going for fame.
Playing in open/steel and mid/silver for now. Eh, I'm okayish. Looking to improve, as always.

Can merc for friends. Both 6s and HL medic, probably up to mid/silver. •‿•

UGC [] ETF2L []Logs []Demos []

☌UGC Season 21 Steel: Medic Main (Men in Flannel) - 7th place -> Playoffs
☌UGC Season 22 Steel: Medic Main (Men in Flannel) - 11th place -> Playoffs
☌UGC Season 23 Steel: Medic Main (Men in Flannel) - 6th place -> Playoffs
☌UGC Season 24 Steel: Medic Main (Reformed Gamers) - 3rd place -> Playoffs

☌ETF2L Season 14 Open: Medic Sub (Reverie e-Sports) - 3rd place -> Playoffs -> 3rd place
☌ETF2L Season 15 Open: Medic Sub/Main (Undercover Prodigies) - Upcoming

☌ETF2L Season 28 Open: Medic Main (My Gaming Embarrassment) - 8th place -> Playoffs
☌ETF2L Season 29 Mid: Medic Main (My Gaming Embarrassment) - 19th place
☌ETF2L Season 30 Mid: Medic Main (My Gaming Embarrassment) - Upcoming

☌UGC Season 27 : Maybe..? Would be nice

- ᴠɪᴅᴀʀʏ


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please add me back
mr. swede Mar 17 @ 11:59am 
its me petterka. former solly for mif
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Let's staaarve - or try not to :salute: Friendin' ?
Vidary Feb 19 @ 6:57am 
Good advice, for someone who didn't move away from their parents house to stop them from nagging :)