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== TF2 ==
Best as Medic and Pyro in normal time, as Pyro, Scout and Heavy on MvM

== KILLING FLOOR 1 & 2 ==
Best as Medic (I'm putting myself between the team and a scrake or a FP on hard because I can survive their attacks - I'm also trying to heal a lot)
Prefer to play as DJ Scully (all variations), Ash Harding, Shadow Ferret, Steampunk Mr Foster, Steampunk Mrs Foster, Ana Larive and Tanaka (only in its motorcycle gear)
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Achieved Colonel Blink (top 10 for a leaderboard event) in January 2015 (#5).
Broke the 40 000 points in a Blink Shooter Game, earning Blinker of Fame (41 500 to be exact). Improved my record to 44400.
Got the Bug Hunter achievement without even hunting one, just reporting a little problem.

Giving away games || CV: Enough high to enter the majority of contributor giveaways.. Thanks Steam Coupons!
Giveaways: I lost count | Won: a little more than 40.

Because nothing is better than seeing all the achievements you've done there.


If anything, in KF/KF2 or TF2, I'm best as medic :)
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Yeah, I'm editing this because of Chime Sharp, the sequel. I prefer the first game because of For Silence that I discovered there.

Chime is a puzzle game where the music plays a role. Let me copy/paste what I've written for the sequel.

You have to cover a surface with blocks, so that a "quad" (generally when you have at least 3x3) can be formed and expanded. Once it's over, the quad disappear during the next passage of the beat, letting parts of the blocks used on the grid. And after a moment, they'll glow if unused and you'll loose the multiplier and the unused stuff.

Here, you have a free mode and a timed mode. You have also achievements, some of them are challenging.

For the Steam Edition, you have also Still Alive from Portal. It's because of that song that I bought Chime and got hooked on For Silence.

The best is to try the game, because surely, while I can explain it with my memory, you'll be better to buy it and play. 4 euros isn't expensive at all for the game.

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I just sent a friend request for you. I really like your hidden objects games reviews hahah.
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Hey just sending ya a friend request because I always see your name around as a big name achievement hunter :)
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What an awesome guide on Hack RUN!!! everytime i could not figure something out i could just look up the next step (I either got that : "Omg yes how didnt i figure that out" or the: "wtf how did he come to that????") You did a great work and your notes after // helped me to understand
Mohring Mar 12 @ 12:28pm 
Incubation Emergency for Viscera clean up detail, wondering if you have made it yet?