Vetleaks lft?
Im 47 years old   Norway
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Removed alot of people i havent seen for ages, feel free to readd though <3

Highlander stuff

s15 Vorst 9 HL Iron (Heavy)
s17 Mom's Spaghetti HL Iron (Team Leader + heavy)
s18 Mom's Spaghetti HL Steel (Team Leader + heavy)
s19 Team Popcorn HL Gold (Playoffs) (Heavy)
s20 Englanda HL Silver (Heavy) (1ST)
S21 0FO HL Platinum (Heavy)
S22 AOT HL Silver (Heavy) (3rd) (Fun team)

s9 Some team Firefly made (heavy?)
s10 Team Vision HL Open (3RD)
s11 CUNT Open (Team Leader) (Youtuber team)
HLNC5 Norway / Noreg (Heavy) (Captain) (Quarter Final)
S13 BIPOLAR something MID (Heavy) (Team Leader 1/3)

s27 The Worst Game Ever low (Heavy)

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23:33:40 NOREG Vetleaks:
23:34:56 VoidTrinity♥ #minfjollekartoffel: describing vet perfect

You sound like a 50 year old crack addict -Holi

15:02:27 vkh: Prem heavy main against me. We gonna win yeah
15:02:47 Vetleaks: since when was i a prem heavy?

ackbar : higher the dpi higher the dick size

Supra: Vetleaks, you should be called Wtfleaks

(TEAM) Sketis : vetleaks i expect u to carry cuz u have a lot of stars

Vetleaks: Juju we have a official right now!
juju: Taking a huge shit in toilet atm
juju: Will be back before 20,15 :D
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Vetleaks lft? 5 hours ago 
So loud, so angry 15 hours ago 
The fact I know you makes me want to kill myself, but if you weren't in my life, I would want to kill myself.

Bottom line, I'm constantly wanting to kill myself.
Vetleaks lft? Aug 20 @ 10:50am 
samii LF subs silver hl Aug 13 @ 2:15pm 
Yes it is u fuck noob i new to this admin fuck fuck i no leader but i will still best ur ass in a 100 metre race u slow noob