bday tmr but whats a bday
你好, I'm Veron from   Selangor, Malaysia
Demo for Technology Eclipse.
(25.9 cm/360° for projectiles, 47.4 cm /360° for hitscan)

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Cookiez 4 lyfe as Demoman in UGC HL Asia S16 (disbanded)
All Walks of Life as Pocket Soldier in UGC 6s Asia S20 (disbanded)
NotSo! as all-class sub in UGC HL Asia S18
All Walks of Life as Roamer/Medic in UGC 6s Asia S21 (disbanded)
GODsenS as Medic in AFC 10 Div 2 (disbanded half season)
All-classer for LiQweed Ninjas UGC HL s19 (disbanded)
badratsgaming as Roamer/Medic in AsiaFortress Cup 10 Division 3 Third Place
1llusionz as Scout in UGC 6s Asia S22 (Rebranded to TechE)
Technology Eclipse as Demo in AsiaFortress Cup 11 Div 2 TBD
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slowly regaining my emotions
Sad guy with bad dm and shit internet, at least had enough brains to observe.

Some stuff
good k:d Scout for my first time []

18% heals solly carry []

rip k/d but 5 airpipes (first time demo for team hype) []

Fat_Buggatti []

Keeliang 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 : Go open bra
Keeliang 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 : Go open underwear

Synister(Score:20) has defeated Veron(Score:10) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle.

Sus: meow
Ver0n: wat
Sus: meow meow~
Ver0n: ??
Sus: :3
Ver0n: uh huh???
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worth to date <3
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rare nice guy species +rep
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need to be more salty sia D:
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