你好, I'm Veron from   Selangor, Malaysia
800 dpi 2.5 for projectiles, 1.62 for hitscan
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9:59 PM - Blawur: 'hey blawur veron called you dogshit'
9:59 PM - Blawur: care to explain?
10:00 PM - Vrn.: talk fun only lah
10:01 PM - Vrn.: was it some guy called acesty who told u
10:01 PM - Blawur: ya
10:01 PM - Blawur: i damn sad D:
10:01 PM - Vrn.: he even thinks
10:01 PM - Vrn.: sunjar is a god
10:01 PM - Vrn.: dont worry
10:01 PM - Vrn.: in my heart
10:01 PM - Vrn.: u always the master
10:01 PM - Blawur: <33333
10:01 PM - Vrn.: of beefing
10:01 PM - Vrn.: LOL
10:01 PM - Blawur: ;;
10:01 PM - Blawur: ;-;
10:01 PM - Blawur: WALAO
10:01 PM - Vrn.: AHAHAH}
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(TEAM) EP Hwain: bitch


fwishy: oh i guess ill see you overon the other side

himari: wutface
himari: sourcebans is down
Veron: rip
himari: no wonder a guy i banned on the pub database could enter
himari: RIP BANS

sonic the godspeed: thog life

AiShou: GG

rustic: No seriously
rustic: Blawur said
rustic: if Veron joins
rustic: win liao
rustic: blawur: if he eneter we are win
rustic: LOL
rustic: rustic : I will ask veron
rustic: rustic : veron lft
rustic: blawur : LOL
rustic: rustic : he played 0 officials
rustic: rustic : last season
rustic: blawur : if he enter we are win

"Being good at DM doesn't mean that you're better than someone. Sure, you're probably better than him/her in terms of aim, but he/she is probably smarter than you in a real game." ~ Laggerung/D4le

......Comp history.........
Cookiez 4 lyfe as Demo in S16/Asia participant
NotSo! as All-class Main in S18/ Asia participant
LiQweed Ninjas as All-class Main in S19/ Asia playoffs participant

UGC 6s/
All Walks of Life as Pocket in S20 / Asia playoffs participant
All Walks of Life as Roamer/Medic in S21/ Asia playoffs participant
1llusionz as Scout in S22/ Asia participant

GODsenS as Medic in AFC 10 Div 2/ disbanded half season
badratsgaming as Roamer/Medic in AFC 10 Div 3/ Third Place
Technology Eclipse as All-class Sub in AFC 11 Div 2/ Second Place (0 officials played)
Kweebs as Scout in AFC 12 Div 3/ disbanded half season

BlackBird Sixes in OzF League 19 Intermediate as scout last place or smth

Current teams:
UGC HL Asia: Lost Kingdom as Demo
UGC 6s Asia: All Walks of Life as All-class Main in S23
UGC 4s Asia: Excitement Beneficiaries 4s as Demo
AsiaFortress: Divine as Demo in AFC 12 Div 3
OzFortress: lft scout open

Processor: Intel i3-6100 @3.7GHz
OS System: Windows 7 Professional-32bit
RAM: 4 GB (2.10 usable)
Monitor: Acer X203H (75hz)
Keyboard: Logitech Y-SP29
Mouse: Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
Mousepad: Cooler Master Swift-RX Large
Headset: Sades SA 901 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

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holy fuck about 3 thousand hours in tf2 wtf am i doing
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(ADMINS) Veron: y ur ping so high just now?
(ADMINS) Veron: cybercafe in bangla?