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Devil Daggers is fast, snappy, frustrating, maddening, terrible, wonderful, and hellish.

The game is simple. Stay alive for as long as you possibly can while fighting off Hell's armies in a dim, dark, purgatorial arena, with nothing but your rapid-fire daggers and your (hopefully sharp) reaction times. Harkening back to late 90's games such as Quake, the movement system is extremely satisfying. Of course, you have standard movement with WASD and your mouselook, but once you get the general hang of the game, you can introduce bunny-hopping and dagger jumping into your repetoire. These systems reward you with speed and manueverability that can turn average, 'nothing special' runs into challenges to the world's top players. While not as snappy as one might like, its movement system just feels right at home here, and is immensely satisfying.

Truth be told, I'm not even that big of a fan of wave-based survival games. Sure, I've played and enjoyed games like Geometry Wars, (which, admittedly, is very similar to Devil Daggers IMO, just from an entirely different perspective,) but none of them have held my attention quite like Devil Daggers has. While a hefty portion of this addictive nature comes from the game just being fun as all hell, it's also partly due to the leaderboard system. Quite a few friends of mine picked up the game when it came out, and we slowly started ramping up our challenges to each other. Thirty second survival became seventy, seventy became one-twenty, and so-on and so-forth. I've swore up and down, I've shrieked like a small child upon near misses with skulls, and have had my feet tapping in anticipation beneath my desk, all because my best time was MILLISECONDS off my friend's best, and I was so close. Admittedly, they've all moved onto other games, and I finally hold the crown at 427 seconds. But... given that my record is about 70 seconds shy of the coveted Devil Dagger status, I can't just stop there, can I?

In addition to being one of the most fun games I've played this past year, it's an amazing looking and sounding game. I'm a complete fanatic for PSX-style graphics. The blocky style, abysmal render distance, primitive lighting systems and poor aliasing admittedly looks awful by today's standards, but it's incredibly charming to anyone who grew up with a Playstation One in their home. Devil Daggers effortlessly merges the look of a late-run PSX game with an aesthetic similar to Quake and a mid-90s Slayer album cover, and it always looks fantastic. At this point, with some research, I could probably write a scientific paper on why I love this visual style so, so much, but I'll keep that toned down for this.

If there's one aspect of Devil Daggers that absolutely must be talked about, it's the immaculate sound design. A satisfying sound is what makes the difference between a weapon being limp and forgettable, or powerful and an icon of an entire genre (see: the Super Shotgun from Doom II, or the AWP from any of Counter Strike's iterations.) Or, as another example, making the presentation of in-game reward boring and unfulfilling, or something that straight-up makes your day upon finding it. Sound is a big deal to me in just about every medium, but video game sound design, (especially in shooters,) is extremely important. Devil Daggers sets a bar for what audio in video games should be.

Every crunch, splatter, and skitter has an unsettling bite to it that is distinct and clearly heard amidst the madness of the arena. Each enemy has a 'chatter' for when they are encroaching on your person, and getting dangerously close to ending your run for good. Enemy spawners have an ominous, low hum or a disgusting chitter to signify where they're coming from, or that yes, they are still there. Death rattles and screeches offer a triumphant, yet haunting finality to taking down a larger enemy. The sound of firing daggers grows from a machine-like drone to shrill screams of the damned with each upgrade you gain. And of course, above it all, Devil Daggers incorporates a positional 3D surround sound system, assisting the player in knowing where their next threat is without much difficulty. Everything is accounted for, it's satisfying, unsettling, and so, so good.

To make a send-up to 90's FPS games can be done by just about anyone with a Unity engine license. To make that same tribute by building your own engine, creating sound and art that is equally impressive and sinister, and designing one of the most immersive and entertaining arena shooters I've ever seen takes someone like Matt Bush, who did an incredible job with Devil Daggers as a whole.

At the end of the day, you can get either Devil Daggers or a nice burger for five US dollars. Both will cause heart issues. One is eternal.

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