The Grandmaster
What a beautiful Duwang *chew*   Antarctica
Stategy game aficionado and TF2 Engineer main
Available to ring Engineer in any HL division any day.
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The power of thought knows no bounds.
I accept most friend requests on-sight. Nothing in my backpack is for sale here, so please don't inquire about trading.

Salutations Everyone! My name is The Grandmaster, and this is my humble little profile. I play competitive TF2's highlander format as Engineer. Competitive experience can be found below:

Season 19: Continue Living CLV| Silver Highlander
Season 20: Stevo Versus Spies Steel Highlander (3rd place)
Season 21: Chromosome Club Esports Silver Highlander (T8th place)
Season 22: Blackjack & Hookers Silver Highlander

I'm available to ring Engineer in any division and Medic/Spy in Steel and Silver any day. Feel free to send me a quick message if you need a last minute ringer. I can usually provide.

I'm an overall pretty approachable guy and will accept most friend requests pretty quickly. Nothing in my backpack is for sale, so don't ask.

...Do you want more? I mean, I guess I could give you a few extra things while I'm here...

Favorite food: Veal Parmesan
Favorite drink: Earl Grey Tea
Favorite all-time video game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Favorite sport: Fencing (that one that uses swords). I also golf.
Favorite non-gaming hobby: I read 2 books a week and play competitive chess (yes, I am that much of a nerd).
Favorite candy: Swedish Fish, anything chocolate.
Favorite things: Books, Jojokes
Favorite thing to hate: YouTube Comments


I also bartend for Kubrick on the weekends.

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Serena Oct 1 @ 7:33am lover ^_____________^
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??? Jul 10 @ 9:19pm 
it's snbi you fool
Pte Jack Jun 27 @ 6:57pm 
no Prob. I like to make sure and keep my subs working as properly as I can. I appreciate your questioning it.
The Grandmaster Jun 27 @ 6:55pm 
I really appreciate the help. I've soaked around 40-50 hours into this problem (I've had to worry about this with other cosmetics) and you wouldn't believe how happy I am to see it finished. Thanks again for everything!
Pte Jack Jun 27 @ 6:36pm