what are you lookin at
kachigga my nigga   Harare, Zimbabwe
oh hey
i'm made of cells
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Baked Derptato Aug 21 @ 5:59pm 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ffeJ emaN yM Aug 21 @ 9:49am 
░░░█░░▀█▀█▀█▀█▀█▀░░█░░░ -REP PLAYS UNDERTALE NAKED
what are you lookin at Aug 20 @ 7:08am 
You subhuman baboon. You literal nigger.

How dare you speak, you swarthy jungle monkey. How dare you open your big lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth?

You are human trash, Diego Tyrone LeShawn de Maradona. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your nationality and skin tone offers no hope to the world that South America can ever prosper. Crawl back in to the Brazilian jungle you came out of, you literal orangutan.

Take your black hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.. No amount of olive oil and wheat flour slabbed on your face every morning will make you white. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of European heritage.

You nigger.

You make Bolivia look like a beacon of civilisation.

You are the Baltimore of South America.

Die, Diego. No one would miss you. Except for Australian Aboriginals, who now would have no one to make them look good.
remy Aug 17 @ 4:13pm 
what are you lookin at Aug 11 @ 9:56am 
Salt? werent you the one who had a hissy fit when my team was using a negev, then you used it. Fucking pathetic. You are such a hypocrite. I don't give a single shit if you win. You were salty over someone using a negev, stop acting like a child.
Nilov Jun 29 @ 11:39am 
again salt is real for the record...i won he lost = he mad