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Deruex: man i so wanna smash hawku
Deruex: i was so unlucky the last several times i faced him i was beyond bad
Deruex: the worst time when i had to deal with your shitty scripts @ lan

Attorney: It was ridiculous timing 1 frame punishes online with normals
Attorney: I do enjoy sfv quite a bit, in moderate doses, but it will never captivate me like she did
Attorney: Sf4
Attorney: I MEANT SF4

Dechi: dark souls comparisons are the dark souls of memes
ocelot: this is the dark souls of conversations

Shep : silleh was framed, you shouldve been banned

freshmeatt~: i actually thought thursday couldn't get any worse
freshmeatt~: and you just made it so even though it's friday already

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drinking makes me feel, but it makes me feel the feelings that were already there
in other words i always loved you nigga i'm just not drunk enough to express it

String: Surely I have died and this place is punishment for my many sins

[05:18:24] Flixerine was kicked from the server by Don_Quixote(autism)(pride)(oats): FUCK GERMANY.
[05:18:53] You were kicked from the server by Don_Quixote(autism)(pride)(oats): MOUNTAIN DEW PRIVLEDGE.
String: >defying donnie "hang the chinks" quixote
Monochrome : vani has to inform his neighbours that he's alive again today as a warning


[SM] Cali: Permanently banned player "Cali" (reason: "goodbye teek -cali")

gomen vani
someday we will play the spooky game

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