Blue Screen of Death
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creator of PD2Tools [] (former PD2Weapons)

I do not accept random friend requests.

If I removed you it is either because we don't talk/play together anymore or you were a business/professional contact that is no longer relevant.
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A collection of tools and simulators to assist the PAYDAY 2 game community.
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Papierwanze 15 лют о 7:40 
Yeah but could be still there just was asking.
Cause i would realy love to geht one oft those mask.
[PHL$] cunt Fifooo 14 лют о 15:32 
Dude the thread you have read was 1 year old
Papierwanze 14 лют о 14:41 
I would like to play a heist with you for the Mega Sidney Mask. Is that possible?
🔥Major Pyromancer™🔥🦅 12 лют о 20:32 
wtf perfil brasileiro sem nenhum comentário br? kkkk toma o meu então aí
FireDrake 10 лют о 22:06 
Ok, I think I got it, thank you very much for your quick and clear answer.
Blue Screen of Death 10 лют о 18:57 
@FireDrake: I will not host two different versions so SK will be gone from the site -- only the live build skills are/will be featured. Old builds will still be available but if Silent Killer T3 was locked in the original build then HVT will not be shown as selected in the new version of the site if it was selected in the old build. Any points spent on SK will automatically be refunded as well (and not automatically added to HVT or AE).