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Richkiller 22 maja o 8:40 
Many questions were asked in the Stage II thread, you might want to answer them
Atzepan 21 maja o 14:54 
@Blue Screen of Death yeah true and yeah no reason for you to change it, i can make those calculation my self afterall your page gives all the necessary information =) The only reason i take reload into account is that i haven't played a mission completly loud were i did not have to reload at least once, but well tactical reload is also a thing. Which means you'll probably rarely reload in the middle of a fire fight, so yeah for decent gamers your DPS calculation is the closer approch for real DPS =) But I do have some noobie friends still so ill go with mine until they get better =P Nice work with the page
Blue Screen of Death 21 maja o 8:06 
@Atzepan: If you only take into consideration one magazine then reload speed is irrelevant. That's incoherent. I won't change how it is calculated, sorry,
Atzepan 21 maja o 5:49 
@Blue Screen i see and understand now how you calculate DPS, thats why the AK without skill and perks kan come close to 1800 DPS and surpasses every other weapon byfar in DPS as long you don't take skills into acount. I would have prefere using total damage done by one magazin divided by the time it take to empty it and the reload speed.
Blue Screen of Death 19 maja o 11:43 
@Atzepan: DPS takes into account total ammo. It is the damage you do per second if you use all your ammo without interruption.
Atzepan 19 maja o 5:01 
There is something that doesn't really fit in the calculation on when calculating weapons
The AK Rifle: Mag 30, RoF:652, DMG:165 RS:3,87 Reaching 1054 DPS
The AMR-16: Mag 30, RoF:857, DMG:169, RS:3,73 Reaching 973 DPS
Somthing isn't right here, magazine size is equal, Rate of fire is higher, bullet damage is higher and Reloadspeed is fast but the AMR-16 does have lower DPS? That doesn't sound right. There is probably a mistake somewhere in ther alculation most likely with the AMR-16? Since it's severly lower DPS then the Car-4 which only has a 10% better reload speed.

Just a headsup that there might be a mistake or something else that messes with you DPS calculaiton on your page