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Party Breaker 10月19日 10時57分 
Helllo, I just wanted to ask a question about the crimefest 2017 giveaway. Will you giveaway the codes all on the last day or each day?
Zimos 10月13日 2時41分 
Don't you think this needs to be mentioned at the thread? Thank in advance.
Blue Screen of Death 10月13日 2時18分 
@Zimos: Yes, as long as it is done before it starts.
Zimos 10月13日 2時10分 
Quick question about your recent events, can the post be edit?
✎....... 10月4日 19時48分 
aww ok then
Blue Screen of Death 10月4日 19時27分 
@Autumnxd. I left Outpost over two years ago, I can't help you.