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I do not accept random friend requests.

If I removed you it is either because we don't talk/play together anymore or you were a business/professional contact that is no longer relevant.
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A collection of tools and simulators to assist the PAYDAY 2 game community.
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Garry 2016. dec. 31., de. 11:29 
Blue Screen of Death 2016. dec. 29., du. 4:44 
@*.): Yeah, I usually giggle a lot of that forum, people take things too seriously -- it's just a video game, and we are just customers. It's indeed amusing to see them drawn on their own vendettas.

Thanks! I'm on a lonely enterprise, hopefully I'll remain motivated to keep it going forward.
*.) 2016. dec. 29., du. 3:44 
And I even took brakes from PD2 XD

It's both fascinating and amusing how that thread works. Some people should use that same energy for other ends, maybe some that are truelly worth getting political about. (protect babyseals instead of whining for a seal mask;) I mean, its just a game in the end.

And, so many points are already furfilled and the topic and the rest of the thread has become just one pile of unreadable jiberrisch. I see 0 value in that.

Anyway, keep it up mate, I follow your projects with great interest^^
Blue Screen of Death 2016. dec. 29., du. 3:38 
@*.): Unfortunately most of them belong to the entitled generation, who think that whatever they want/think is the right thing, and don't accept "no" as answer. I usually avoid talking to them because they are no rational people, they just want to push their agenda and ignore any valid counter arguments. That thread has gone way beyond its time, I think mods are scared of locking it because of the backlash the same handful people will generate as result.

And geez, you have 3x my play time, that's some dedication right there ;)
Blue Screen of Death 2016. dec. 29., du. 3:35 
@Laces: I left TF2Outpost almost two years ago, I'm unable to do anything about it sorry. Try contacting the appeals admin directly, in case you can't create a new ticket on the site.
*.) 2016. dec. 29., du. 3:33 
I love what you posted in PD 2's "reasses some actions" and I can't agree more. Also glad that im not the only who considers it a waste of internetspace.

And a happy new year ;)