Blue Screen of Death
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creator of PD2Tools [] (former PD2Weapons)

I do not accept random friend requests.

If I removed you it is either because we don't talk/play together anymore or you were a business/professional contact that is no longer relevant.
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A collection of tools and simulators to assist the PAYDAY 2 game community.
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Shotgunner Nestor 20 fév à 15h12 
I crashed right at the end and couldnt get a picture of the code, could you pass it again?
Wolfalberto 18 fév à 11h40 
+rep Awesome dude!
NewPJzuza 18 fév à 11h25 
Hi Blue Our team would like to add you to ask about the John Wick contest (especially about what you can do in the heist) thank you
Blue Screen of Death 18 fév à 5h18 
@=TBM= [PHE$] cooper: Sure, just edit the post to include the ID64 of that player.
Mr. Jazzerty 18 fév à 4h11 
I wouldn't mind waiting at all. Thanks for asking!
=TBM= [PHE$] cooper 18 fév à 3h30 
Sure, we can do it next week, no problem. But I have one question: Is it possible to nominate a substitute player if in case one of the 3 main player is not available?