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Creator of PD2Tools [] (former PD2Weapons)

I do not accept random friend requests.

If I removed you it is either because we don't talk/play together anymore or you were a business/professional contact that is no longer relevant.
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A collection of tools and simulators to assist the PAYDAY 2 game community.
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Sh4dow 21 juin à 9h55 
Blue Screen of Death 21 juin à 9h54 
@Sh4dow: There are no plans to add infamy support as this only applies to a fraction of the playerbase. The vast majority of players get to level V and above so it would only be a nuisance to everyone else. There's also changes coming to the infamy system which could render such feature even more pointless. Finally, new players can still fully use it even without the infamy bonuses by simply spending 2 more points in a tree before selectin a T4 skill.
The Thin White Duke 14 juin à 0h30 
@Blue Screen of Death: Theres an error that says DataTables warning: table id=melee - Ajax error.
Prot 11 juin à 13h05 
ok dude thanks alot u are a beast! thanks for all our work
Blue Screen of Death 11 juin à 11h41 
@Prot: yes, I'm aware of it. The site has been experiencing very large load due to all the new players getting the game. I'm trying to find a way to fix it.