"I'll miss you, Clementine."
"I'll miss you too, Lee."

hey there! i'm as straight as a curve

( ( aaaaa ) ): can you help me find some frags
ayy: cant be fucked
ayy: i am sorry
( ( aaaaa ) ): thats fine
( ( aaaaa ) ): ill look for a better friend

foosa: Happy new year
Clarence Kennedy: fuck up loser

Tye Tass: There were a bunch of skinny cunts there too staring at me
Tye Tass: I did wear a tight shirt to be fair
Tye Tass: This one kid was taller than me so I had to puff my chest out whenever he was in my presence so I could establish my dominance

Tye Tass: Laptop died and home pc is slower than my strength progression
ayy: LMAO

12:40 PM - bazzla: i just want big muscles cunt

pounded yams with some hams: There's a pic of you eating a banana then deepthroating a banana and then gaging on a banana and the. You shoving a banana up ur bum

bazzla: don't disturb me i'm too busy watching girls' butts transformations

chub lf opens demo: and i did 5 jumps up onto a 1metre tall picnic table
chub lf opens demo: and then hit my shin
chub lf opens demo: so i came back home
chub lf opens demo: that ok>

hacker: Did u hear about the 15 year old in Brisbane that went into cardiac arrest benching
hacker: He's on life support
hacker: If I went into cardiac arrest benching 60 I would want them to pull the plug

choppy: how much wood would a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker would peck wood
chub lft: 50 large dicks

bazzla: Dude I got a fake tan
Clarence Kennedy: u wot
bazzla: My mum bought some foamy fake tan for herself and I tried it out
bazzla: I'm a brown boi

iven: fucking indos
choppy: yeah man
choppy: those fucking godamn indos
choppy: you know what i mean
iven: im malaysian thjo
iven: im allowed to say that shit
iven: ur not
iven: unless ur from that region
choppy: i'm part indo you potato
iven: wekk
iven: well
iven: fuck half of urself then
iven: but 50% rounds up to full
iven: so fuck all of u

SSSeraph: come play ultiduo bitch or im taking away your dragon dildo

choppy: are you trying to be a girl online again
apples's toy: no
apples's toy has changed their name to wizard of woosh.
wizard of woosh has changed their name to POWERFUL wizard of woosh.

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Choppy, If you ever call Crunk fat again... I will make you hurt. If you ever make her feel like she has to prove herself to you again... I will make you hurt. If you ever ask for photos of her boobs for your stupid wank collection... I will make you hurt. If you ever make Crunk upset or hurt... I will make you hurt 3 times more. You will hurt and you will cry. Just saying.